Understanding the Process Behind Property Inspections


A Property Review is a non-intrusive, visual inspection of a structure, carried out by a fully competent professional trained and experienced in assessing property lots as well as buildings.

Why hire an inspector?

The review was created to give you all of the info that you should use to make an educated choice about your possible purchase. You may have the ability to walk away from the inspection having an obvious understanding of what important problems (if any) need to be fixed. You’ll be made aware of any potential issues, and will also learn what things need your attention both in the short and long term.

It’s important to remember that since an inspection is visual and noninvasive, no part of any building is likely to be tampered with or dismantled – clearly this comprises NOT digging up the garden, removing drywall or drilling holes in the roofing. The building is going to be identical after the review as it was before you and the inspector started. Really, if an inspector does any damage to contents in or around any building, he’d be responsible for the expense of replacing or repairing it. With any reputable property inspector, it is well within your rights to request evidence that they are properly insured to make sure that you won’t be held liable for any damage they do during the inspection.

Most inspections can be split up into three stages:

Visual Inspection – you and your inspector will walk through the house at an agreed time. You should be there to be a part of the assessment. Come on, take a look round your house! Many customers take pleasure in the review phase, as they can feel their way around an unknown property using an expert guide. It isn’t required, although every potential buyer should be motivated to participate. The review will last around three hours for the average family residence, dependent on state requirements as well as property size.

Post-Review Discussion – The Inspector is likely to offer after delivery of the report to answer any questions you could possibly have about any part of the review procedure, or to clarify any problems arising from your report. This service is contained inside the review fee (or at least should be with a reputable inspector). State laws vary, but for example, an inspector report in the state of California is considered valid for four years after the review. An inspector may be a priceless resource for you personally once you have moved into your residence or commercial building. Most inspectors don’t charge a fee for consultation that is verbal, like over the phone.


Getting a good property inspection is essential to ensuring your purchase is a good one. For genuine advice and optimal results, visit urbanpropertyinspections.com.au. Urban Property Inspections are the best in league, when talking about property evaluation owing to their vast expertise and qualified inspectors.

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