Unclogging Common Plumbing Myths


A lot of rumours, half-truths and damaging myths exist when it comes to plumbing. Some myths force homeowners to make unnecessary phone calls to a plumber well before it is necessary, while others wait far too long and end up with a far larger bill than if they had tackled the problem sooner.

Unless you are a plumber, it can be difficult to try and figure out when you need to a call a plumber, or when a situation may be an emergency requiring immediate attention. Some of the most common plumbing myths are:

A Banging Boiler Requires Immediate Attention

You and the family are enjoying a quiet evening together when suddenly your boiler kicks in with a ‘bang’. A rumbling, banging boiler is a cause for concern, but it likely does not require immediate attention from plumbers in Buckinghamshire.

With that said, a noisy boiler should not be left unattended. It is a clear sign that your boiler needs to be repaired or replaced by a plumber. That will put an end to the rumbling sounds and it will likely save you a lot on your heating costs.

Place a Brick in Your Toilet Tank to Conserve Water

Water conservation is important, but a brick in the tank is not going to help you conserve much. Often times having a brick in your toilet tank will force you to flush multiple times, which ends up actually wasting water. And when the brick slowly begins to deteriorate, the excess sediment will eventually break the fixtures of your toilet.

Leaky Taps Are Not a Cause for Concern

As common as a leaky tap is, it is something that should be tended to right away. Many homeowners are able to fix the tap themselves, but if you happen to have difficulties, a local plumber will be able to step in and solve the problem.

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