What Type of Skip Do You Need


Skip hires can be used for residential or commercial purposes. You just need to work with a company that offers both services. That way, you can be assured of getting the exact skip that you need. Make sure that the company with which you work is completely insured and registered and features such amenities as fast response times. If the contractor features its own recycling transfer station, so much the better. You know that the contractor is committed to the disposal and recycling process.

How to Get the Process Off the Ground

In order to arrange for a skip hire or to submit an enquiry, you normally can begin by visiting the site of the company with which you wish to contract. You can get the process off the ground by entering your name, email, and phone number. Usually, reputable skip services can arrange all the permits for you as well. They also feature same-day delivery.

Selecting a Skip Online

When choosing a skip on a platform such as aa-skiphire.co.uk online, you can select from one of three categories:

  • Large domestic skips
  • Small domestic skips
  • Commercial skip hire

Typically, you can rely on a small domestic skip for a small remodel or for getting rid of garden waste. Large domestic skips are ideal for such activities as house clearances or large refurbishments. In the case of a commercial skip hire, you can have the skip delivered to a construction site to manage your disposal needs. You can also use the container to handle small remodelling projects or for garden dig-outs or wall removals at your residence.

A Builder’s Skip

If you are set on clearing out your house or taking care of getting rid of the debris at a commercial site, then hiring a skip is the best way to facilitate the process. For instance, if you choose a commercial skip that is eight yards in size, you will be selecting one of the more popular and well-recognised skips. This type of container is known as a builder’s skip. This type of skip is ideal for removing heavy building materials such as concrete or rubble. It can also be used for getting rid of large amounts of soil.

One thing that you need to remember about hiring a skip is that you need to choose the proper size. If you hire too small of a skip, you will have to pay for an extra skip, which will drive up the total price. On the other hand, it the skip size is too large, you will also end up paying more than what is feasible. So, if you are unsure about the skip size and what you will actually need, talk to a representative from the skip hire company. That way, you can be assured of getting just the right skip size for your disposal needs.

It is always helpful to know as well what items you can add to a skip for disposal. Whilst you can add bricks and metal to a skip, you cannot toss petrol, batteries, or old paint cans into these types of containers. Know what you can and cannot get rid of when you hire a skip.

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