Which Type of Outdoor Fountain Is Best for Your Home?


Whether you have small garden, a landscaped yard, or a private pond or lake, an outdoor fountain can help enhance its beauty. A fountain’s mellow cascade or flamboyant spray of water can be very relaxing and invigorating, providing you with a sense of wellbeing and a feeling that you are in your own private oasis. The flowing water can also attract birds and other animals, giving more life to your already vibrant garden.

However, it can be quite difficult to choose what kind of fountain you should add to your property, especially with the wide variety of styles and materials available. Apart from the type and size of the fountain, you should also consider the style or design inspiration for the garden and where the fountain will be installed.

To help you get started, here’s a list of different water features for the outdoors and how you may be able to incorporate them into your home.

Wall Fountain

If you don’t have much space in your garden or if your garden is backed to a wall, then a wall fountain may be your best choice. Wall fountains can be easily customized to fit on a particular wall for a more cohesive look, allowing it to blend in and enhance the landscape instead of looking like an additional feature.

A wall fountain is a good architectural element to have in your garden if you want replicate the look of a classic courtyard, but it certainly isn’t limited to this specific look. The materials can also range from concrete and ceramic to stone and even metal.

There are also freestanding fountains that can be placed on the ground, which has its own wall from where water cascades like a waterfall. These are often encased in metal or stainless steel frames with mirror or glass backings that serve as the “wall,” although these can be similarly customized to match your style.

Lake and Pond Fountains

A private lake or pond is already a sight to behold, in and of itself, but adding a fountain to it makes it even more pleasant to look at. You can have water spray or spout at different heights to provide more visual appeal. Some models even have provisions for light fixtures, perfect for those who want to have an illuminated pond right in their own backyards.

Lake and pond fountains can also help with the aeration and overall maintenance of these bodies of water, especially if they contain live fish like koi. Make sure that your fountain is able to move the volume of water required to be able to aerate your lake or pond appropriately.

Pondless Fountain

Also called a disappearing fountain, a pondless fountain has its reservoir hidden underground. They take up only a small amount of space, and are therefore ideal for patios, pathways, and small gardens. They can also be grouped together to create the illusion of a bigger installation. Popular designs include urns, stone columns, obelisks, and millstones.

A pondless fountain is also relatively low-maintenance, since dirt and debris can’t enter the reservoir. Thus, it requires less time and effort to clean up. The water also doesn’t evaporate, meaning it uses less water than other types of fountains. There is also nowhere for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, as there is no open water basin.

Pedestal and Tiered Fountains

Pedestal and tiered fountains are among the most popular garden fountains, if not the most popular. Mediterranean-style gardens, courtyards, and plazas usually have these water features to evoke the aesthetic feel of places like Spain, Italy, and the south of France.

The design of a pedestal fountain can be as simple as bowl, which is excellent for attracting birds. However, tiered fountains can be as complex as having carvings that depict people, animals, mythological creatures like angels, and other ornate shapes and patterns. Depending on the garden’s overall look and the materials used, these fountains can either be made to blend with the ground paving or stand out as the focal point.

Other outdoor fountains include Japanese bamboo fountains—which are perfect for that minimalist, zen look—as well as waterfall fountains that can provide a rather relaxing ambient sound that reminds you of natural waterfalls. But no matter the type of fountain you choose, you’re sure to enjoy your garden or backyard even more when you have one installed in your property.

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