Turning A House Into A Home


It is said that a home is the starting place for love, hope and dreams. With this in mind, it comes only natural to want to make it look in its best shape possible as that will make a difference between a house and a home. It is common for homeowners to want to revamp their houses and home remodeling is not something new.

According to researchers from Co-op Insurance, over 75% of UK homeowners have made changes to their houses since they moved in. On an average, just a little over £18,200 has been spent on home remodeling and decorative work. But this does not mean that if you are renting you can’t have some cards up your sleeve to transform your household.

What does remodeling mean for you?

Homes usually take after the inhabitant’s personality. If you are more of a creative person who is very fond of light and colors, home remodeling might seem more like a crafty, DIY project. There are many cost-efficient ways to have the home of your dreams. You can start by re-thinking how you everything looks, from furniture space to what is hanging on your walls.

You can plan rooms to make them more spacious and cozy. For instance, you can take advantage of what each room has to offer, regardless if it’s the TV, a large window or a piece of art, you can use that as a focal point and arrange the furniture in such a manner that it faces that. Your walls could also benefit from this spur, if you are brave enough you can pick up a brush and have a go. It is a cost-efficient way of giving your walls a fresh, new look and it has also been proven to be quite therapeutically.

If you are not necessarily a DIY person, home remodeling can quickly shift into research and decision-making. When choosing professionals to handle the work for you, bear in mind you will have to be clear about what you want to avoid waking up in a decor nightmare. Write down ideas and expectations and discuss them with more than one expert. Remodeling can become very expensive, so it is essential you know where your money is going and that the final results will be satisfactory.

All in all, the best way to turn a simple property into a home is to fill it with things you love and that make you happy. Are you a dog owner? You can use your pet’s paws to create a personalized pattern for his favorite spots around the house.Photos are always a great way to give a house personality. Re-arranging your bookshelf or your office space might freshen up the place more than you would expect.

Home remodeling might not be the most exciting thing you will have to do, but it is definitely something for which you will reap the benefits later. Just imagine that sense of calmness you have when you are sitting on your coach and everything that surrounds gives you a bit of joy.

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