Traits of an expert who handles your construction needs


Who would be the best building expert for your construction needs? If you are vexed by this question, then you should know that the building expert that you choose should have excellent construction knowledge and experience together with adequate project management qualities. The success of construction of a building depends not only on how good the quality of construction is, but also on how soon the construction is completed. Therefore, the expert you select for construction should have a blend of both qualities of a builder and project manager so that you get the best value for money that you invest. It may so happen that you may have to put a team of experts to make both ends meets as a single person might not be qualified enough to do justice to  both profiles.

Good in understanding

The expert that you select should be a good listener who has the patience to hear your ideas that forms the basis of all engineering. He should understand your objectives, know your budget, envisage what you want and be able to create a picture of the construction that he will share with you. Before creating a blueprint for construction and the project, he should gain your confidence by demonstrating that he is capable of reproducing your ideas in the way you want while remaining with the budget.

Technical capabilities

The seeds of the project lays embedded in your mind that has to be given shape by the expert. The expert should have enough knowledge, experience and understanding about construction and projects and be able to assist you in developing the dormant concept to make it feasible for technical conversion. He should add value to your concept to give it shape. Presenting you with a 3D picture or model of the construction would make it is easy for you to envisage how the construction will appear when completed. After getting your clearance, he will proceed to prepare the blue print of the project.

Proactive approach

The expert should be capable of preparing the blueprint for construction and project that is almost flawless.  He should have a robust system for validating blueprints so that any errors and shortcomings are identified at the stage of drawing only and are rectified. Problems detected at a later stage during construction can prove to be very costly and should be best avoided.


Pool of resources

The project requires inputs from a variety of other subject matter experts like civil construction, structural engineering, plumbing and sanitation, electrical, HVAC and many more for which you have to depend on the expert that you appoint for the project. This means that the expert should have good access to all support functions that has to be used by him to complete the project successfully.

Look for the above qualities in the expert you appoint for construction and don’t forget to assess his acumen for property development which form the basis of all activities related to construction. The best person should be thoroughly conversant with all aspects of property development, construction and project management to convert your dreams into reality.

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