Top Visual Merchandising Methods That Guarantee Optimal Results


The bulk of the information that people process in their minds come from sight. Human beings are overwhelmingly visual. This is why your store should seek to adopt the right visual merchandising strategies to drive sales. The following are the top visual merchandising tactics that guarantee high sales and profits for your store.

Design displays for the targeted audience

The customer’s journey starts with discovery, then advances to option comparison and finally to conversion. When selecting the store’s display, it is advisable to do it for the target client. This implies that the design should start with identifying the right clients and establishing what they prefer.

Here, you need to start by asking key questions such as; “who are the key customers?” and “what colors and patterns do they like?”

Make sure that your visual merchandising tells a story

Just like said by the CEO of SwissTribe : Every time that a client comes to your store, the chances are that he/she had checked the item in many platforms such as social media and other stores. However, your display can help to tell a story so that the client finds greater value and selects the store as opposed to a competing company.

For example, a luxury merchandise store can sort the rings and classify one group into engagement rings and the other as wedding bands. New lovers who want to engage before moving on to marriage will easily pick the engagement rings’ section. Note that the visual merchandising story does not have to be complicated.

In some cases, especially for stores that deal with antique items, it is better to categorize the items based on the meaning they draw from history. From the selected lighting to the message on display, the client should easily identify with the provided story.

Maintain specificity with signage

One secret of successful visual merchandising marketing is that all the strategies should work in harmony. If one of the components fails, the chances are that the entire goal of visual merchandising could get compromised.

Even if the display is very impressive, but the signage is poorly done, the marketing strategy might not work. Therefore, how do you create highly effective signage?

The secret is using the five-second rule. This rule indicates that the best signage should allow the potential client to read and sign in less than five seconds. This includes reading and absorbing what is written on the sign without confusion.

Change the visual merchandising design to sustain high sales

The modern customer is very complicated. Unlike in the past when the retail outlets were few, and driving sales was easy, modern clients want sellers to demonstrate reasonable doubt that their products are the best. One of the best methods of creating an emotional connection is thematic displays.

Your store should adopt timely themes to draw more visitors and create an emotional connection. This implies changing the visual merchandising theme to capture the mood in line with the changing seasons. For example, the store’s visual merchandising theme of Halloween should be different from that used over Valentine’s love season.

To achieve more with your visual merchandising strategy, it is advisable also to carry the assessment of their efficiency. If you find that a specific visual merchandising strategy is not bearing the results you want, do not hesitate to introduce changes in line with customer needs.

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