Top Reasons to Use an Assembly System in Your Dry Cleaning Business


Operating a dry cleaning company allows you to cash in on a necessary industry valued by millions of Americans every week. Regardless of what your particular dry cleaner company specializes in, you still have to fill orders, get the right article of clothing to the right person and do all of this efficiently. A dry cleaning assembly system comes with a variety of benefits to help your company.

Reduce Errors

Humans make errors, but a dry cleaning conveyor system helps you reduce the number of errors made. With fewer errors, you have less to worry about. Fewer customer complaints for overcharging, fewer undercharges sent out and faster calculations make this a huge benefit for your company. Reducing errors in effect helps you decrease shrink and raise your bottom line. That means more money in your pocket. Perhaps you can even use that to expand your dry cleaning business or offer additional services to customers.

Simplify Operations

Instead of the staff greeting customers and hand writing everything down. The staff can use the computer system to input the customer’s requests, articles of clothing and additional information. The computer then provides an estimated time of arrival for completion and prints an invoice for the customer. A tag is printed for the clothes keeping them together. It is a simple effective solution.

Increase Productivity

Hand inputting all the data requires a human to stand there instead of greeting customers, running out orders or other duties that can increase the overall productivity of your business. Eliminating that step increases how much your staff can get done in a day.

Cost Reduction

While the upfront cost of an assembly system may not seem worth it right now, the systems can help you lower your labor costs while reducing the amount of time your business processes orders. This can, in turn, increase the amount of work you can do in a day equaling more money. With the easy of training, there are more benefits than cons to using one of these systems.

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