Top Inexpensive Basement Flooring Ideas


Many of us often face the problem how to spend their costs wisely to finish basement. Attractive basement flooring, reliable, durable and cheap simultaneously is a homeowner’s dream. No matter what method of floor renovation you choose, you should do some preparatory steps.

  • Eliminate any water or moisture – waterproof the basement.
  • Repair any cracks or blemishes in existing basement flooring.
  • If it is necessary, level your basement flooring.
  • Think how to use the space. If there is foot traffic, choose easy-to-clean flooring. Consider an inexpensive carpet, rubber tiles to soften things up if your finished basement will be a cozy playroom or family space.


The most cost-effective way to finish your basement is to paint. Use a good-quality epoxy, two-part paint, follow the manufacturer’s directions exactly. Some epoxies and concrete paints require sealing, etching or other preparations. Vary the look by blending colours to make the paint look like granite or other stones.


It is inexpensive option for your floor renovation. It is very similar to paint, although stain soaks into the concrete colouring it, besides it is usually finished with a protective sealer. Due to soaking into the concrete rather than just coating the surface, stain is longer lasting than paint, however stain will not disguise blemishes and cracks in the floor. Most concrete stains are water-based, easily applied with brush or roller.

Linoleum or Vinyl

Common flooring options for basements installation, they are more expensive than paint/ stain, but easy-to-clean materials and available in wide range of colours and patterns. Before installation, spread mastic or thin-set mortar on the floor. Floor renovation is easier with tiles than with big rolls of linoleum.

Ceramic Tiles

This good choice is more expensive but also long-lasting and durable, so it saves money in the long run. Floor renovation with larger tiles can cut costs.

Rubber Mats

Usually comparable in price to vinyl or linoleum, comfortable, durable and waterproof, they make finished basement to look more attractive and softer. Most have interlocking edges to hold mats together. They are easy to install as DIY because you can easily cut them to fit the space.


Being an excellent harbor for mold, hardwood flooring is inappropriate for basement. If you want the look of wood, natural stone and ceramic without any risks, choose laminate flooring. It is moisture resistant and easy for installation since the pieces snap together.

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