Top Causes of a Leaky Roof


With spring just around the corner, most homeowners are bracing themselves for the rainy weather that leads to those glorious summer days. Unfortunately, altogether too often their joy in the warmer, sunnier days is dampened by the problems that beset them because of a leaky roof. If you are wondering where to begin inspecting your own roof to see if there are any problems that could result in a leak, the place to start would be with the top causes of a leaky roof.

Missing or Loose Shingles

As one of the most common types of outer covering on the roofing structure, asphalt shingles protect everything underneath. High winds and flying debris are the leading cause of missing or loose shingles, so the first thing you could do is a quick visual inspection to see if any are obviously missing or have begun curling up and away from the roof. This would raise a huge red flag and something you should look into immediately before seasonal rains strike in the spring. Those April showers they talk about? In some parts of the country they are definite monsoons – no joke about it.

Leaky Roof

Age of the Roof

No matter where you live, from the sunniest of climates to the coldest and wettest of climates, one of the leading causes of a leaky roof is simply age. Most roofers will guarantee a roof for up to ten years while it is not without believability that a roof can remain structurally sound for a much longer period of time. The only way to know if age is a problem, no matter how old your roof is, would be to call in an expert for a professional inspection. For example, if you live in the Dallas /Fort Worth area you would call on a pro to go up and check out the integrity of the roof. One very popular and reputable company you could consult with is Texas Star Roofing. Their Dallas roofing experts can provide you with a free inspection and help you to determine whether you need repairs. Knowing your options is extremely important because finding the right Dallas roofing companies is a huge decision. This is your house after all and your most prized possession!

Gutter System in Ill Repair or Clogged

This actually may be the leading cause of leaky roofs in some areas of the country where there are copious amounts of falling leaves as the season changes in the fall. Leaves clog up the gutters which in turn backs up running water that can do untold amounts of damage. The weight of standing water in the gutter can cause it to break or if left there for long periods of time could promote rusting faster than normal. Water leaking out of the gutter system then causes a number of other issues, but the main concern is water penetrating the roof from the overflow which then can literally cause anything from timber rot in the structure to mildew and mold in the interior of the home. Always check your gutters before a rainy or snowy season and if you find a problem, get a roofer on the job as quickly as possible.

There are a number of other causes of a leaky roof, but these are the most common. Before the rains hit this spring, get that roof inspected! If you haven’t already sustained damage as the result of a leaky roof, now is not the time to start. Even if you don’t personally see any obvious issues, why not take advantage of a free inspection? It costs nothing, there are no obligations, and you could be saving yourself tens of thousands in related damages that could have been avoided.

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