Top 8 Ways of Using a Sheepskin Rug in a Home


Looking for ideas on how to use sheepskin rugs in your house? A quality sheepskin rug can make a room look cosier and more welcoming. These rugs look amazing just about anywhere they are put. Sheepskin rugs are very versatile; they can be used in a variety of different places in a home. The following are some of the ways you can use a sheepskin rug in your home.

  1. Use It On Your Couch As A Soft Textural Throw

A sheepskin rug always looks fantastic draped over a sofa. This is what many people do with their sheepskin rugs most of the time. It remains draped on the sofa’s arm, and it is ideal for some additional cushion for anyone who sits there. The sheepskin also adds some plush and texture to the room.

  1. Use it as a Soft Landing in a Child’s Bedroom

Some sheepskin rugs offer strong texture and depth, making them perfect for use in a child’s nursery. Just place the rug on the floor or near the bed to form a soft, warm landing area or as a play mat.

  1. Utilise as a Bath Mat

Sheepskin rugs provide a luxurious, silky feel under bare feet and so they are ideal for bathrooms. During cold weather, it feels nice to step onto a soft sheepskin rug after having a nice, warm bath.

  1. Add Some Extra Cushion To An Uncomfortable Chair

Sheepskin works wonders when placed on an armchair, butterfly chair or any other single chair. They work really well for wire frame chairs, which are normally uncomfortable without any padding. Place the sheepskin rug over the chair’s back or on the seat. Drape sheepskins onto outdoor chairs or even benches for a cosier time in the fresh outdoors.

  1. Put It On Either Side Of A Bed

Place a quality sheepskin rug on either side of your bed, right where you and your spouse will land your feet when you wake up every morning. The skins look great and they’ll make it somewhat easier for you to drag yourselves out of bed every day knowing that you have a soft rug to look forward to when you get out of bed.

  1. Use It As A Bed For Your Pet

If you love and care for your pet, you should consider treating them to a soft, sheepskin rug bed. You can place the rug in your pet’s bed or put in the living room for him/her to lie down on and stay warm during cold weather.

  1. Soften a Home Theatre Room

Large sheepskin rugs work really well in home theatres to soften the space, allowing your home theatre to feel more comfortable and welcoming. Moreover, the wool also helps to reduce noise and create excellent acoustics.

  1. Upholster Old Pieces of Furniture

Sheepskin rugs can also be used to upholster old furniture pieces that you may want to add new life to. Sheepskin makes for an excellent cushion cover for an old foot stool or any other piece of furniture you want to add to your living room.

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