Top 6 Longest Running Roofs


Roofs are an important feature of every house. It is not because it protects you from rain or sunshine but because it gives a new look to your house. Homes with attractive roofs look more attractive and have a higher value compared to homes with old fashioned roofs.

When people decide to build a new house or re-build their existing house, they are often confused over what kind of roof to install that will work in the long run. Roofing contractors Macomb county Michigan suggest the following 6 roofs that are proven to work in the long run.

  1. Asphalt Roll Roof:

Asphalt roll roofs are one of the oldest and traditional roofs that are still used in many countries. Although they are old, they still look attractive and are a great option to consider when you are thinking about the long term future. The lifespan of these roofs is 5 to 10 years which is quite high compared to roofs of the latest designs which are quite weak. To increase its lifespan even further, you should make sure that it is clear of debris.

  1. Composite Shingle Roof:

Composite shingle roofs are the most popular roofs all around the world. One of the major reasons behind its immense popularity is its incredible life span of 15 to 50 years. So, once you have installed a composite shingle roof, then there is nothing to worry about in the future. Composite shingle roofs are also very cheap to install which makes them an affordable option.

  1. Wood Shingle Roof:

Many people might argue that wooden roofs are not a long lasting option. But, to their surprise, wood shingle roofs have a life span of nearly 25 years. They are extracted from logs which makes them strong as well as an affordable and long lasting option.

  1. Standing Seam Metal Roof:

Metal roofs may seem as an expensive option but the expenses are worth for a life span of 30 to 50 years. And, these days pre-formed standing seam metal roofs are trending which are very easy to install as well as less time consuming. It is also important to search for a good roof contractor to install a standing seam metal roof as many contractors are not good at installing these roofs.

  1. Wood Shake Shingle Roof:

Wood shake shingle roofs are quite different from regular wooden shingle roofs. They are much thicker than regular shakes and are extracted from premium logs which eventually increase its durability. It is also suggested to keep proper maintenance of these roofs as it is important for them to last long.

  1. Spanish Clay Tile Roof:

You might be surprised after hearing that these roofs can last for almost a centuries. The perfect example of this claim is the homes in Spain that were built centuries ago and are still using the same roof. To increase its life span even further, it is important to avoid walking on these roofs.

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