Tools You Will Need for DIY Jobs Around the House


When it comes to DIY, there can be so many jobs to do around the house and if you are looking to tackle these jobs head on it can be daunting to know exactly which tools are up to the task. So when you finally get round to picking the tools you need for DIY jobs around the house, consider that some tools can be multi-use meaning that you can use them for a variety of different tasks. If you are looking for tools like this, take a look at this handy guide to some of the best tools to add to your DIY toolbox for jobs in and around the home.

The Multi-tool

If you don’t want to buy a dedicated tool for everything that might go wrong or need fixing in your house, then this could be the best solution. There are some DIY jobs that you will need to buy a separate tool for but the multi-tool can help to bridge the gaps. Many multi tools contain a range of screwdriver heads that will come in handy when you just can’t tighten that screw with your standard screwdriver.

The Hammer Drill

The hammer drill is an exceptionally useful piece of kit and can help when you are doing the tougher drilling tasks, like drilling into concrete. Most hammer drills can use the drill function in isolation, making this tool something of a two in one option. There any many different types available and you can easily read hammer drill reviews to get an idea of what kind of projects people have used them for in the past.

The Hacksaw

A good hacksaw can not only cut through wood, but also metal and plastic pipes and is the perfect addition to your toolbox. To make the most out of this purchase, try to find a quality hacksaw with an option to replace the blades. This means that your initial investment in the hacksaw will pay off as you can extend its life by simply replacing the blades instead of having to buy a new hacksaw each time the blades become blunt.

The Wrench

This is a toolbox classic and is especially useful when you buy an adjustable version. This tool can help you to fix a variety of household problems including when you need to work on plumbing fixtures or tighten nuts and bolts.


This is another toolbox essential that is often overlooked when it comes to home DIY. Pliers are so versatile and will come in handy on almost every DIY project. Locking, adjustable pliers are the best and mean you can use them for the biggest variety of jobs.

DIY can be so rewarding and can certainly save you time money compared to hiring and waiting for a professional to come and fix whatever issue you have. So, if have been bitten by the DIY bug and you are looking to stock a brand new toolbox or just refresh an old one, hopefully this guide has given you some helpful tips or inspiration.

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