Tips to Start Plumbing for your Home


Diagnose and repair

Unlike other parts of the house, detect faults of plumbing is a more difficult exercise. Indeed, check risk areas require knowledge and know-how. Once is not custom, in case of doubt or on a layout, we advise you to call a professional for a check-up. However, you can check yourself questionable elements. The humidity Marks of rusty equipment (evacuation), degraded welds, all these brands you ever learn about the state of your plumbing.

Tips to Start Plumbing for your Home

Using the right materials

PVC pipes are materials used for water discharges but also for connecting tees, siphons, elbows, sleeves male fittings / females. They are easily cut with a hacksaw and stick with glue special PVC. Rates vary depending on the diameter of the PVC pipe.

Hoses called the PER are used for the interior (non-exposed installations) and are very simple to implement. Resistant to weathering limestone material, the PER is a registered trademark and its price also changes according to its diameter. Nevertheless, it is cheaper than PVC.

Copper is of course the most popular product of professionals. Its strength capacity varies from 200 mpa for annealing copper and 300 mpa for cold-worked tubes. Also, they are resistant to fire, shock and different attacks (even rodents).

If the assembly can be made ​​with a material, you can also combine: copper for food, the PER and PVC for evacuation.

Choose your career

You can make requests for quotations and compare the services offered with the posted rates. A good plumber should always be able to offer you a fee schedule before starting his speech. Also, ask about the artisan to be sure to have a satisfactory result.

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