Tips to choose and take care of Bed Sheets for Bed Room


How to Choose Bed Sheet

Cotton: with cotton, guaranteed comfort. Known for its softness and lightness legendary, it effectively absorbs moisture and can be used all year round. However, it remains difficult to maintain and creases quickly enough.

The combed cotton (brushed) combing is a phase that is added to the creation of the fabric, it allows to eliminate the shorter fibers. This is a sweet and rather thin material that is resistant to wear and tear as well as pilling. It creases easily.

Egyptian cotton: high quality cotton which are made ​​into highly resistant long son. Offers quality comfort, fabric is silky and delicate. Its price is very high.

The finette: fabric created from cotton fibers, it is using a scratching which can then extract the fiber. It was at this time that its soft part develops. Excellent for the winter period because it is deemed to hold warm. Since the thread is bigger, it wears quickly.

The cotton jersey: jersey is a technique of weaving and linking son loops between them. Extremely comfortable, so it is flexible and may well include the entire mattress. By cons it is not very durable.

– Flax: known for its lightness, in addition to being absorbent it is indestructible. Like many natural fibers, it creases quickly and can shrink.

-Silk: designed using a mixture of different fibers (linen or Egyptian cotton), it is soft and highly absorbent but its price is higher than other fabrics and natural fibers.

Tips to choose and take care of Bed Sheets  for Bed Room

Synthetic fibers
– Polyester: it turns out to be very resistant to wear and pilling, though it remains wrinkle foolproof. His rough side made him lose points in terms of comfort and moisture absorption leaves a bit to be desired.

– Satin: characterized by its softness, with it you can sleep without décoiffer, so some users opt for satin pillowcases pillows. He slips and wears quickly. It is a shiny fabric.

– Cotton-polyester: it is a merger between the qualities of both materials comfortable for a more convincing result. The fabric offers better comfort, better absorption, resistance to the expectations and not very expensive. Over time, the wear is felt, which is why it should be changed regularly.

– The percale: it is a very specific form of weaving. It is a cotton of great quality, it lavishes a soft feel.

Maintain your sheets!
If you properly maintain your cloth, so you can keep up to 15 years. To do this, wash your sheets regularly and separately in your washing machine to remove dust mites.

For efficiency, we recommend washing with liquid soap and cycle “delicate”. Add vinegar in the water in order to keep the colors of your sheets.

What does it do?
The cloth is useful all year round. Cotton and linen convey a feeling of freshness in summer and warmth during the winter period due to their ability to easily pick up body heat.

In the summer, we recommend sheets composed of natural fibers for their quality to readily absorb moisture.
For winter, opt for flannel and cotton jersey that will keep you warm.

How best to choose?
To choose the right cloth, guide you in the first place on the information on the packaging of the textile (fiber characteristics, type of fabric …).

To get an indication of the quality of the cloth, fooled son in number per square inch sheets of about 125-400 per square inch son are most common on the market. We advise you son of 180 sheets per square inch which is amply sufficient to meet your expectations.

In the end, the quality of a cloth not judge by touch, the choice will depend on the matter, for from one to the other, texture varies and changes, offering at the same time different sensations. It’s still a matter of taste.

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