Tips to Avoid Garbage Disposal Problems


A person who loves his home knows that it isn’t only the outlook that is to be maintained but also what goes behind. The way your house garbage is maintained can actually impact on how your house looks. Proper garbage disposal is essential to make sure that it doesn’t cause problems and things go really smoothly. Waste King Garbage Disposal is something you can use easily providing best Garbage Disposal and keep these problems in check. To help you further here are tips to avoid these problems.


The contents that should be allowed in the garbage disposal must be limited. Not all substances are friendly with garbage disposal and putting some of these in can cause problems. Small bones and small food items go well with the disposal but the food items that are sticky and bigger than the size of an average golf ball are the ones that cause the most trouble. To clean your garbage disposal you can put ice cubes with orange or lemon pieces into the disposal to have your disposal cleaned.


Most of the garbage disposal problems occur when the disposal is clogged. This can happen due to various reasons. The worst clogging happens from the things people expect the least from. It is normally the grinded things that cause the most clogging. The reason behind is the way the small particles stick to the sides of the tube and overtime too much deposition causes it to be clogged. These materials include ground coffee, banana and potato peelings and all the materials that are small and can create sticky paste. People believe that ground glass can help in cleaning of the disposal and sharpening its blades. This is a myth and in actual this makes the draining impossible since the material is hard and the removal then needs to be done manually.


This is the basic rule. If you wish something to last long you need to put in extra effort to make that possible. You must pay attention and keep everything clean and up to mark for the product to stay useful for long. Maintenance is something homeowners actually do but not in routine just only when there is a problem. One easy tip is to freeze some vinegar in form of cubes and the run it through your disposal. The ice cube will make the blades sharper and vinegar is best known substance to remove unwanted odor. This doesn’t need to be done very soon but make sure you practice this once a month. For difficult smells try pouring baking soda and after it has stayed in the drain for minimum 3 hours you may turn the water and disposal on simultaneously to remove that unpleasant odor. If you feel that the odor is more resilient you can leave the baking soda in for more time.

            These were few of the tips that can help you with your garbage disposal problems. Always remember prevention should be done so that you might not have to face these troubles.

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