Tips for Inspecting a Semi-Annual Roof


You might love your roof because of the beauty it creates to the exterior look of your house. However, maintenance of roof could be a tough task for you. There will be weather changes such as rain, ultraviolet rays, wet leaves and debris that affect the quality of roof. The best seasons for arranging the inspection of the ceiling are spring and fall season because you can walk on the roof without any moisture and harmful rays. Following are the different areas where you have to pay attention while inspecting roof. The main components of roof include shingles, roof flashing, and gutters. Let’s have a look at the detail about each of the component for knowing conducting the right inspection.

Inspection of Roof Shingles:

Checking the condition of roof shingles is very important as the damaged shingles can create a lot of trouble for the entire roof. Shingles can curl up, blister, blew out and loosed from their position because of the climate changes. You have first to lift shingles to examine the underlayment found between shingles and roof decking. You have to replace the shingles if they are not correct on their place then there is a problem. Different environmental conditions can also curl up shingles; if underlayment is missing, then the shingles would buckle up, crack and wear out. The age of shingles also plays a significant role in their services. If the shingles are quite old and have served for a longer period, then you have to replace them with the new material. The problem of leakage, moss and damaged structure can extend if you would not fix the problem on time.

Inspection of Roof Flashing:

Roof valleys are the point where two different panels of a roof meet. It is your responsibility to check roof valleys for seeing whether the ceiling is cracking or not. Inspect whether there are patches or any metal flashing is working properly. Valleys easy get damaged and cause leakage. You have to see whether the valleys are damaging around the areas of chimneys and wall. There should not be any gap between the area of flashing and the house wall. See through the penetration that can indicate whether the flashing is damaged or not. If the flashing boot is not tight and the cement is not in its place, then you have to use flexible caulking or any other material for keeping the flashing in its place. You have to make sure that the nail heads are visible and they are properly securing the roof. There is no moss on the shingles and debris is not gathered on the ceiling. If all of these requirements are full, then you have to stay worried free, but if there is any sign of damaged shingles, then you have to replace them.

Inspection of Roof Gutters:

Roof gutters protect the roof in various ways by keeping the water in one particular direction. However, if the channels are not working correctly, that means they are damaged, or there is debris stuck in gutters.  Yes, if you do not clean your roof on a regular basis then the water can mix with leaves and dirt creating more dense liquid and blocking the gutters. If the drains stop working, water will accumulate on the roof, and you would be unaware. This water can create moss that can bring the possibility of roof damage and replacement of the entire roof. Be careful and see whether there is such harm on the ceiling.

The roof can damage more after ten to fifteen years of service. You have to make sure calling one of the best roofing contractors Canton Michigan for inspecting your roof.

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