The Tile in Your Wet Room Is of the Utmost Importance


Wet rooms have become increasingly popular over the years. They are a concept that has come from Scandinavia. In these areas, bathrooms are often made without the clear demarcations that define bathrooms. Instead of having a clear divider between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, a wet room is one large room. The floor is tiled to be waterproof over its entirety. The floor is tilted slightly towards a drain that removes the water. The shower floor is flush with the rest of the bathroom. These have become fashionable; however, if you want one, you should know that the tile is more important than ever.

Wet Room Tile

The tile in wet rooms is incredibly important because it needs to be waterproof. Expert tiling services in Kensington Chelsea can provide you with the right floor for your wet room.

  • Since the entire floor will be wet at times, the tile needs to all be waterproof.
  • Additionally, the tile needs to have good traction. Wet tile can create a slipping hazard if it is not the right material.
  • Good wet room tile is durable and reliable.
  • When you hire tilers to outfit your wet room, you need to tell them that you are looking specifically for tile for a wet room.

Quality Tilers

You need to look for tiling from a team that is a part of a qualified firm. They should be large enough that they can get you a wide range of tile at a great price but not so large that you’re just a number to them.

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