Three Services for Restoring Carpets and Rugs


A stained carpet or a faded rug doesn’t always need to be replaced. A good craftsman can restore a carpet or rug to its original condition and can save you thousands of pounds. Here are some of the services that a rug and carpet repair company can offer.

Restore Faded Rugs

Due to age, sun, or chemical exposure, rugs can appear faded after a few years of laying on your floors. Instead of replacing them or putting them away to help preserve them, their colour can be restored by companies who specialise in carpet and rug repairs. Whether the rug is a multi-coloured pattern or a solid colour, the colours can be expertly matched and the rug dyed to restore its beauty.

Remove Stains

Whether bleach has been spilled or wine knocked over on a carpet, it can be difficult for these stains to be removed by homeowners. Cleaning the carpet may not help either, especially in the case of a chemical or bleach stain. Fortunately, some companies offering services that restore carpets and rugs – repairing in Pimlico can remove the stains and then dye the area on the carpet back to its original colour to restore it.

Change Colours

If you have a carpet or rug that you like and is still in great shape but you detest the colour, some carpet and rug restoration businesses can simply change it. They can create custom colours for carpets and/or add designs on carpets and rugs to create unique pieces for your home. Instead of buying new carpet, simply have the colour changed to something more up-to-date.

Restoring or repairing a rug or carpet can help save money, especially if you have an antique Persian or Oriental rug. Some rugs can be worth thousands of pounds and if they are faded by the sun, restoring them can preserve their value.


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