Three Reasons to Consider a Loft Conversion


With spring just around the corner, a loft conversion may be the best thing to consider as the year’s first home improvement project. This is one of the few alterations to a home that can offer real return opportunities in regard to the investment put in. On paper, the concept of this type of renovation might feel enormous in scope but the right services should make it all relatively simple and exciting to have done to the property.

More Space

No matter what you do with the added space, the point is that you now have more of it and your opportunities are limited only by your budget. Avon loft conversions can be a way for you to add an additional bedroom to your property or you could choose to convert the space into a private study. Whatever your choice of utilisation, the results will look amazing and you can avoid the enormous cost associated with purchasing a new home.


Loft conversions can help you increase the square meterage of your home, which can add real value over time. This increase, however small, could raise your property valuation by as much as 20%. With this option, you could pull more equity from the property or you could sell it for much more than you originally bought it, which can help you purchase a beautiful new home.

Fewer Restrictions

Unlike an extension, the act of a loft conversion is unlikely to meet any delays due to getting special permissions to have it done. Although you should still check with local authorities to ensure that you are well within the law and local codes with your conversion, it should be relatively simple to speak with a professional conversion contractor on the subject for advice. The results should allow you to enjoy more liveable space inside your home without upsetting your neighbours with excess amounts of unsightly construction during the project.


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