Things you need for the Perfect Sports-themed Man cave


The man cave. The perfect place to relax with a few buddies and catch your favorite sports.

Looking to build the perfect sports-themed dugout? Check out these 5 essential ingredients to any sports-themed man cave.


As a sports fan, being able to watch your favorite team or athlete in action is the bare minimum. Whether you’re itching to watch the North West derby on the telly or looking online for Joshua vs. Parker stream HD, you need a high quality TV to enjoy your sports.

If you want to go all the way, hook up a projector to supersize your viewing experience. Amp up the fun by subbing on a pair of quality speakers!

Recliner and seats

When you’re settling down to watch the big game, you want to be comfortable for the next hour or so — longer if you’re watching a baseball or cricket match!

With that in mind, the least you can do is to shell out for a comfy recliner. This is where you’ll be cheering, laughing, or even sleeping — so make sure it doesn’t give you a stiff neck after the first quarter!

What about your friends? Visiting teams know they don’t get star treatment from the home team, so don’t feel the need to give your visitors VIP seats. That said, make sure there’s ample seating for your buddies to enjoy the game — no one likes to wind up on the floor!

Game Console

Just because a live game isn’t on doesn’t mean you can’t see your team win. Plug in your game console and take your team to victory – online or offline.

Whether you’re playing through the career of a fantasy hoops star in NBA2K or crushing online challengers in FIFA Ultimate Team, game consoles gives every man the ability to play in the shoes of his favorite team. That said, be careful when choosing your console platform, as certain titles have platform-specific teams/players that may not be available on other platforms.


Don’t just let your heroes live in your head — immortalize them in your man cave by hanging posters of your favorite team or athlete.

Win one for the Gipper? You’ll Never Walk Alone? Muhammad Ali KO-ing Joe Frazier? Show your visitors who reigns supreme in your man cave with a visual tribute on the wall. It’s a simple and stylish way to liven up the sporting atmosphere.

Bar and fridge

While a bar and fridge are recommended for most ordinary man caves, they are truly essential for a sports-themed dugout. Watching your team play their archrivals can be intense, so make sure you’re chewing on a tasty snack instead of your nails!

Besides your favorite finger foods, make sure your fridge has a drink for every occasion and visitor. Whether you’re taking it easy with a soda or celebrating a championship with some alcohol, it’s your responsibility to make sure you (and your guests) always have a well-chilled drink on hand. Game on!

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