Things you must know before renovating your condo


There are a lot of people that look forward to renovating their condos. These are small and compact living spaces that, if constructed properly, can be highly useful and appealing. Most of the time, when people renovate their condos, they are looking to add that appealing touch to it. The condo renovations in Canada are common and it is of no surprise that you will see individuals doing it on regular basis to spice up their living space every now and then. However, you need to be careful about certain things when you are doing the job here are our master tips to help you.

Be aware about the regulations

First, head out to the authorities and see what they allow you to do with a condo. There are certain rules and regulations that will hinder you and limit what you can do with it. This depends on the location of your condo and how strict the board is. It can be highly impactful and often makes people alter their ideas and material selection. So, better know about when you can renovate your condo and what are the restraints so that you don’t end up in any trouble.

The reason for renovation

Usually, people aren’t like ‘okay we have some extra bucks so let’s renovate our condo.’ The thing is that many people do it for a certain reason. So, get to know what is yours and stick to it. There are certain individuals who will be renovating the home just because they want it to better suit their living style. Then there are personals who would wish to add or subtract a few things to make their life easier. Sometimes, people look out to renting their apartment and before they do so they want to make it appropriate and add a little more value to it. So, discover your reason for renovation.

Moving eyes when you can’t more fixtures

There are a lot of people who want to move certain things that won’t transfer easily or would require a lot of money if they are to be transported from one place to the other. For instance, that toilet seat which you see immediately as you open the bathroom door won’t be moved from one side to other without taking out a lot from your pocket. So, when you are stuck with such things, try to move the eyes instead of fixtures. And by eyes, it is meant that you should blend the things that you don’t want others to notice and make some items stand out which can be done simply by adding and subtracting a few elements.

Light vs dark

There are people who would say that this is totally an element of personal choice and to some extent they are absolutely right. However, the fact is that white, light, and bright is a better choice for condos. Considering that they are small living spaces, painting white and bright adds up to light and make it feel a little more spacious. On the other side, the darker colors are better at hiding stuff and will help you in molding the space according to your living style. But if you plan to rent it out, going with dark stuff i.e. wall paint and carpets is a better choice.

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