Things to keep in mind during your kitchen and bathroom renovations


The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms that are used widely in a home. They can also be two of the most expensive rooms when planning a renovation. Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations are not as easy as you think! So in case you’re planning a DIY renovation, you should be prepared to face the risks as well. Whether its bathroom renovations or kitchen renovations, seeking help from the professionals can ensure the renovations are completed on time and turn out as expected. Let’s take a look at a few of the important factors you should consider when you plan a kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Kitchen Renovations

Have an open floor plan: Kitchens these days are no longer separate rooms. They are a part of the overall living space. It is a place of multitasking where you eat, work or just sit and watch TV. The open plan is beneficial because this ensures that the other rooms are not blocked off.

Add range hoods to achieve cohesiveness: They can help in making a statement and can add to the overall style of your kitchen. Wood accents are some of the most common designs for range hoods.

Add multipurpose sinks: Sinks can be multipurpose workstations with colanders, cutting boards, bowls and even drying racks. Such designs can be great for a smaller kitchen where workspace is limited. Matte black faucets are in vogue these days.

Make your kitchen modern by adding technology: Smart technologies have come into kitchens too. Cameras that are built into the oven can help you see how well the food has cooked. You can set cooking time and temperature. Refrigerators have screens that can help you plan for the day; pertaining to how fresh the vegetables and milk are and so on. Modern products such as a vacuum seal drawer that is built into cabinets can keep your food air tight and fresh for a longer time.

Bathroom Renovations

Add deep tubs for long soaks: Most people love to relax in their tubs after a long day of work to relieve stress. Rather than adding jetted tubs, Japanese soaking tubs take lesser space and have a bench seat.

Curb less showers are trending: Showers are getting bigger and do not have raised thresholds that eliminate the barrier between the shower and the bathroom floor. Curb less showers are easier to get in and out without the risk of falling. Also, floating or free-standing vanities would provide an illusion of more space.

Porcelain countertops: These are becoming trendy these days. Square sinks provide a contemporary look. Moreover, slot drains in sinks go well with the linear drains in the showers.

Own a modern bathroom: Smart shower controls have been around for some time now but are becoming more popular. The modern generation is used to controlling their life with the help of smartphones so it would be good to bring in this technology into your bathroom as well. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to control the temperature of your shower with the help of your smartphone?

Your good choices will be reflected in your kitchen and bathroom renovations. However, beware that Bathroom Renovations with modern technology can be quite expensive and time-consuming. So ensure you conduct a proper research before you plan to renovate your kitchen or bathroom.

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