Things to Consider Before Getting a Flat Concrete Roof


Flat concrete roofs are not something everyone considers to get while they are building their house or purchasing a readymade house. Wooden roofs, tiled roofs, shingled roof and metal roof is something most people opt for. Flat concrete roof sounds boring for some people as other available options in the market can be designed in various ways. In modern times, flat concrete roofs are no longer the conventional boring type. They too have developed and architects and contractors have come up with many ideas where your flat concrete roof can also look elegant and beautiful.

Good for Combating Natural Calamities:

Flat concrete roofs are good during natural calamities. They can withstand hurricane better in comparison to wooden or shingled roof. Not every area or location is suitable for flat roof installation. In order to know if your location is good to install a flat concrete roof, get in touch with roofing Contractors Oakland county MI and take their professional advice. A roof is something you need to change in every 20 to 50 years. The last thing you want is take a bad decision and regret later on.

Long Lasting:

A flat concrete roof lasts very long. It will last you for about 50 to 60 years or longer if maintained properly.


A flat concrete roof does cost more than most other roofing materials. It may cost you 4 times more than a shingled roof. Initially if you can invest more money on your roof, it will give you good support for the longest time, but the onetime fee is something you must consider before taking your final decision.

Building Codes:

A flat concrete roof is not suitable for every building. It has to match with your existing building codes. Sit with a roofing contractor and your architect or engineer and see if your building is suitable to install a flat concrete roof.


If you are planning on getting a concrete flat roof on top of your old home, make sure your existing building can support it. A concrete flat roof is usually very heavy. If your existing home is not properly built for upstanding such heavy weight, then getting a concrete flat roof may cause great danger in future. It may last for few years, but after few years there is a good chance of your concrete roof collapsing on top of you.


If you want to do it yourself, you still need to consult with an engineer or an architect. You need to hire at least one contractor as they work is heavy. A flat concrete roof is absolutely heavy and it requires heavy duty work. There is no way one person can do it by themselves. You need at least one more person to help you. It is best to hire a professional instead of getting a friend or a family member to help you out when it comes to installing a concrete roof.

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