Things to Be Looked at Very Closely While Servicing a Hydronic Heating System


If homeowners are looking to heat their homes using cost effective methods, then they should consider the hydronic heating system. Along with being inexpensive, this system does not circulate dust inside the house. However, it is also important to maintain the system regularly, and go with servicing once in a while. For hydronic heating servicing, the following points need to be considered:

  • The Boiler or The Furnace Needs to Be Checked: The most frequently encountered issue during hydronic heating servicing is the problem of neglecting the boiler or the furnace. Homeowners need to efficiently maintain this for the entire system to function efficiently. The boiler should be checked thoroughly to see if there is rust or any kind of calcium. These two things cause the boiler to function more than its standard capacity. These calcium deposits can be dissolved with the right kind of chemicals. The rust can be weathered from the boiler and if any hole makes an appearance, it is usually patched.
  • A Certified Technician: The technician for hydronic heating servicing should be certified. There are many plumbers in the market who are not certified and carry a high chance of messing up the entire system.
  • A Good Cleaner: In the market, we can find cleaners that are specifically made for hydronic systems. Only these cleaners should be hired because they are stable and maintain the proper balance of pH in the system. In addition to this, the cleaners help in evading corrosion and prevent calcium deposits from forming. Even though the price of these cleaners might sound high, it is much cheaper than replacing the boiler or the furnace.
  • No Procrastination: It is easy for homeowners to get into their comfort zones and delay the servicing of their hydronic heating systems. If these systems get services once in every month, the homeowner might be able to avoid long-term repairs.
  • Doing It Right at The First Attempt: If the project of treating servicing as a DIY project the homeowner can expect facing both short-term and long-term problems. Hence, experts recommend that a professional should be hired to install the system. Even though the work done by a professional is expensive, the homeowner can ensure that the servicing is performed properly at the first attempt.
  • Knowledge About the System for Efficient Hydronic Heating Servicing: Homeowners should conduct more research about the system and read a little more about the different parts of the hydronic heating system. The more the homeowners understand the system, the better they will understand what is wrong with the system.

Troubleshooting A Hydronic Heating System

Even though calling a certified professional to service a hydronic heating system is the best option, there are some tips (listed below) for self-service that can be used by the homeowner.

  • Power in The Boiler – If there is no power supplied from the boiler, the breaker box and the fuses of the house should be checked. The solution might be just a simple replacement of a bad fuse.
  • Low Water Level – The water level in the boiler should be at least half full.
  • Thermostat Failure – There are usually two thermostats fitted to the boiler. One is the high voltage and the other is the low voltage thermostat. The homeowner can check if the heat mode is set on the thermostat. Also, the user can check if all the temperature settings are set to normal.

While servicing, the homeowner and the servicing professional should understand that every hydronic system is uniquely assembled. Each system contains a variety of values that are used for the circulation and distribution of water to different radiators. Be careful!

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