Things to consider before selling your home


You have lived in your home for a long time but now you wish to upgrade or have to downgrade either way the selling part is now inevitable. You have two options; the first makes you directly contact a realtor telling him “sell him home” and let him handle the matter that comes along. But if you wish to minimize the losses that you will face by paying the realtor you may consider selling your home yourself. Now it might sound easy but it isn’t really that simple. You are doing this job for the first time and you need to know well about it so that you don’t get into trouble.

Get the Exposure:
The first thing you need to consider is whether your house is getting the right exposure or not. House don’t sell themselves just by having a signboard saying “For Sale”. You need to get the word out through your friends, family and use social media to post ads on sites that are based purely on real estate ads. If there was a realtor involved he could communicate the message to many people as he always has connections. You need to go an extra mile so that people know about your offer. If your house doesn’t get the proper exposure it will stay in the market for long and when it finally gets sold chances are you will be at loss.

Know the Market:
The most important part is to decide the price you are offering. You must know what the worth of property is and how the specifications of your home can affect the price. If you are unaware of the way market is going in terms of property you might either put a price lower than what should be or having an overpriced demand which will make your property less attractive to people making it to be in market for long enough that the price goes down drastically.

Physical Appearance:
First impression is the last impression. This has been true for as long as humans lived. Make sure the front view of your house is in A1 quality. A potential buyer will be lost if this appearance doesn’t attract him.

You should collect as much documents you can related to your house. You have no idea which document might be needed when. To avoid trouble then prepare ahead. This might be little details like the last plumbing work done but the accuracy of the information will make the buyers interested more to what you are selling.

Time is Money:
It is rightly said that time is money. The time you decide to sell your house should be the one that will be beneficial for your home. The market is at peak for some months while for the others not so much. You need to survey and know the facts before putting you house for sale.

Are you really invested in selling your home yourself because it will require time and effort? You will have to deal with people yourself who otherwise the realtor would have been dealing with. You need to analyse that the commission you are saving is worth all you are putting in or not.

When you have analyzed everything and you think you can still sell the house go for it but if you have second thoughts call a realtor and tell him “Sell my house fast” because you can say so and let him walk you through the problems in a professional way.

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