The Three Major Problems in The Home Interior


Before investing in the renovation or upgrading your home interior, do not you need to be aware of the obstacles, the major problems that other people have experienced with some renovating?

Your own experiences and those of others are wonderful sources of information to protect you and choose a trusted renovator for your interior design work.

The Three Major Problems in The Home Interior

The lack of evaluation criteria renovators

How can you evaluate a renovator without any selection criteria, assessment? Furthermore, establishing the criteria neutrally and without conflict of interest?

In industry the renovation of home, it is often difficult to find the evaluation criteria and that brings a high level of customer dissatisfaction.

Unlike the areas of professional services where there are established standards for sharing best practices in home improvement, it is nonexistent. Entrepreneurs simply need to have a license and liability insurance. If they use employees, then they should make sure they have their card their competence.

However, by refining your search on the internet, you can avoid common pitfalls in the comparison and selection of renovators as clear evidence before meeting and sign a contract.

Poor communication, coordination and execution

Several studies and surveys have revealed that over 70% of homeowners in North America said they had conflicts with their home renovator. When analyzing the cause of conflict, it often appears poor communication, poor planning and a poorly executed work.

But by looking more closely at the causes, because there is much less obvious, which is that the attitude of the renovator to not be aware of the relationship and thus put importance on their own desires without regard to those of the client .

The experience or inexperience of a reformer in his work is not a guarantee of success, as the ability to communicate effectively, ability to plan with clarity and the ability to coordinate work consistently do are not part of the experiments under renovation.

It is the consciousness of the renovator to put in the customer’s shoes which improves the relationship and information in order not to create doubts and uncertainty.

Unconsciousness a renovator creates poor communication leading to coordination problems. Nobody seems to know what is happening and when will be the next step or when the materials are delivered.

Moreover, this lack of coordination in the work brings inconsistency in the performance of work and a less safe environment. The workplace may not be clean and clutter passageways for family members.

Most owners do not want to be responsible for the renovation project, but unfortunately, they have to fill incompetence Renovator in communication, planning and coordination. This only create distrust, dissatisfaction and in many cases, the legal complaint.

Renovator who stops work

Unfortunately, a number of renovators do not complete the renovations to satisfy the customer. Initially, when the works are in conflict with a more profitable contract, then they can leave the unfinished work, even with a contract because they know that the fine to the small claims court will be minimal compared with profits made with the other contract.

Secondly, a renovator less experienced and work beyond its capabilities could make mistakes. Not to absorb the costs to return to work, they prefer to disappear.

In almost all cases, the owner is faced with rapidly find another renovator to complete the job. Even worse, when the renovation is bad business, it must be reversed and this adds considerable extra cost.

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