The Recent Trend in Home Interior Designing- The Barn Doors


The barn doors are not just for the barns anymore. Though in the earlier days, these doors are only used in the countryside barns, these have now moved inside your houses, and they have become very popular as the home interior part. You can see these interior barn doors at your cozy bedrooms, home offices to the kitchen. These act as the perfect room divider. They are the savior for most of the homeowners worldwide. 

Why the Barn Door Is In High Demand

Among all the types of barn doors available, the sliding one is very trendy. In most of the modern homes, you can see the interior sliding doors. These doors come with various functional and aesthetic advantages, as being one of the most purposeful items in the home. They are really the space-savers in your house. If you consider the traditional swinging door, it takes about 9 feet area or more to install and function properly. Though it might not be an issue if you have a large space, those who have a small area in the home, installing the traditional door is a huge problem. 

In the small space, they need to fit all the furniture, appliances and also move from place to another. The 9 feet, in this case, should not be wasted by just installing the door. Even if you think to use the French doors, they too take lots of space in the home. Thus, keeping in mind all the factors, the sliding barn door is the best option for you. 

While installing the sliding barn door, you should require domestic or industrial sliding door track hardware along with the highly functional sliding barn door kit which will help you to fit the barn door in the right manner in the place where you really want to install the door. When there is a small space, the sliding barn door is the handy option. But, you should check that the room has enough wall space to make the door sliding. However, some people might think that using the sliding door can make much sound as compared to the traditional door, but with the right use of the barn door hinges and latch, the noise can be reduced to a greater extent. 

Call the Contractor for Proper Installation

If you are planning to install the sliding barn door or normal barn door in your home, you should first consult with your interior designer and the contractor who can give you the right idea regarding which style will be good for your room. If you want to get a wooden finish in your home, you can install the barn wood doors. When using the barn door outside, the most obvious option is to use the exterior barn door. For this, the contractor will bring the exterior sliding barn door hardware kit that contains barn door handles and barn door track for the best barn door installation.

Now, if you are planning to install the barn door in your home interiors, here are some of the ideas that you can take-

1. Adding Coziness In The Bedroom With Barn Door

Yes, it is true; you can add the sense of coziness in the bedroom by adding the barn door. For this, you will require the barn door track kit. Many companies offer this kit to the homeowners and contractors for installation of barn doors. One of the best things about the interior barn door is that it can easily match up with the home interior. Whether your home interior design has a contemporary, modern, traditional or rustic look, you can install this door. In this case, the double-track barn door is also highly beneficial. 

2. Bring A Playful Charm In Your Kid’s Room 

One of the most popular barn door décor ideas is to install them in your kid’s room. Though the kids do not know about the aesthetic value of the barn door in their room, they generally love to slide the door frequently. This comes among all the fun activities that your kids love to do. While installing the slide barn door in the kid’s room, be sure that the sliding door rail is working perfectly. 

3. Add The Sliding Barn Door To Create A Different Social Area

As it is said earlier that barn doors are the perfect space dividers, you can make an isolated social area in your living space for the family members or the guests. This place will be just for the people who are close to you. To bring a unique look, you can even paint the barn door before you are installing. If you need to install a mini barn door, you can make use of mini rolling barn door hardware kit and other tools that are effective in the right installation of these doors. 

4. Make Your Home Office More Appealing

If you are bored with your normal home office situation, you can add a twist in the design by installing the closet barn door. When working from home, you can make the office in your own living space or bedroom by separating it with the help of a double barn door. If you find your workstation to be boring, you can add wallpapers or decals on the walls to make it look interesting. For installing this, you will require to have the double barn door hardware kit along with you. 

5. Sliding Barn Doors For Kitchens

Most of the modern homes have kitchens that look great and appealing. You can make it much more attractive by adding the barn doors. If you have a traditional, rustic or the farmhouse look, installing the barn door can take your kitchen to the next level and welcoming for the guests. While installing these doors, it is better to avoid the low profile barn door hardware kits available in the market. 

Hence from the above point, it is clear that the barn doors have several utilities in the home. It is the most recent and growing trends in home decoration. To install the barn door, you can buy the hardware kits, tools, rails, sliders and much more equipment for proper installation. You can get various such items like that of shed door hardware kit, and barn door latches and at an affordable price.  Share your barn door décor ideas with us.

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