The Prettiest Landscaping Pasadena Can Offer


Pasadena is the most visited place for a one-day trip and it is a city located in Southern California. Pasadena is famous for the Rose Bowl Stadium, and it is also a place for the Roses Parade tournament which is held in the Colorado Boulevard. This tournament happens on January first every year.

 It is a really beautiful place and it is rich with some amazing landscapes. Because of that it is called the “Crown City”

Landscapers in Pasadena CA are doing a great job for their surroundings. If you ever visit Pasadena, these are the places u must go to.

  1. City Hall

For the people who like architecture, and are amazed by large buildings the City Hall of Pasadena is a must see.

This building is the trademark of Pasadena, with its gigantic size it sets the tone for the other parts of the town. With its beauty and cleanliness, the building says a “heartwarming Hi” to the people visiting it.

It is built with giant arches, domes that are breath taking and some masterful stonework.

  1. Cal Tech

Another architectural wonder in Pasadena, the California Institute of Technology is also a place you can’t miss when visiting Pasadena. Especially for the ones who still don’t know what college to attend.

This is a place where rocket science is taught, the campus is decorated with architectural beauties. It has Spanish tiles and cornices and columns belonging to the Renaissance.

The campus is close to almost every place you want to go like the Old Town Pasadena.

To get more information about it visit:

Also a thing to know before visiting, this is the university where Sheldon Cooper and his friends work in The Big Bang Theory.

  1. Colorado Street Bridge

If you are by any chance going by car, you should definitely make some time to go on the scenic route.

This bridge is beautiful even if you don’t make a turn to drive on it. You can enjoy its beauty form the freeway that goes parallel to it.

It was first opened for public usage in 1913.

This glorious bridge is a thing you definitely shouldn’t miss if you are traveling with your lover, because its romance can make some lasting memories.

When taking this route, you should watch out for cars, because it isn’t only a pedestrian bridge. Click here to read more about it.

  1. Norton Simon Museum

Pasadena is a city that loves art, and a particular inspiration for local artists is the Norton Simon Museum. The museum has a collection of about 11.000 pieces which are worth over $2.5 billion.

The museum was first called the Institute of Arts, Pasadena. When it turned into a museum in 1969 it opened its doors for art lovers.

This museum houses the works of Rembrandt, Degas, Manet and Goya. If you want to visit it, you should do it on the beginning of your trip because it closes early.

  1. Huntington Library

If you are an art or history lover, you have to visit this place. Not only is this an institute for art studies and preservation, it also holds artifacts and over 6 million texts that go back to the 1400s.

This library is also famous for its botanical gardens that are the most scenic ones in LA, which makes it a great spot for proposing to your partner. But, because of that you should definitely watch out not to get in the photography crossfire and you shouldn’t find it strange if you see a lot of guys on bended knees. Maybe it isn’t among the oldest libraries, but it certainly has some of the oldest texts in the world.

  1. Eaton Canyon Hiking Trails

If all those city stuff aren’t for you, then you should head out to the hiking trails that split off of Eaton Canyon.

Following those trails, you can go to Eaton Canyon Water Falls, depending on the time when you visit them, because they can also be water trickles.

When you get to the top, you will have a magnificent view on the whole town.

The trails are also easily accessible, even for dogs. So you should let your four-legged friends tag along.

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