The Power of Water in Your Home


Homeowners gain a lot of advantages over renters the moment they acquire their property. While rent money pays for temporary lodging, homeowners’ mortgage payments go toward a valuable, wealth-building asset. But homeowners also gain new stresses, responsibilities, and threats to their lifestyle and finances. A home must be maintained and defended from disaster if it is to maintain or increase in value. And few things threaten a home in the way that water does.

The power of water

Nobody who has seen the dramatic Grand Canyon or witnessed a flash flood can deny the destructive power of water. Though the scale may be different, the very same forces — water, gravity, erosion, temperature, and all of the rest — are at play in and around your home. The water in your pipes and the rain outside have the power to dramatically alter the way you live. Floods in your home can cost thousands to repair. Plumbing problems can make your home unsanitary and unpleasant. Erosion and settling can destroy your foundation or even your entire home.

As a homeowner, you need to be aware of the risks and to do what you can to combat them.

Water in your pipes and plumbing

The most obvious place to look for water in your home is where it’s supposed to be: in your plumbing system and plumbing fixtures. This water is deliberately brought into your home and then deliberately removed. The twin sets of pipes running these two halves of the system are vitally important to your home. They both provide this essential service and protect your home from the dangers of the water in its own walls.

Keeping your home safe from water damage starts with working with a plumber. Set up a regular maintenance schedule with a trusted plumber, and make sure that you know basic things about your plumbing system, such as where the water shut-off valve is.

Water and appliances

Don’t forget about your appliances, many of which use significant amounts of water. Appliance repair and maintenance is just as vital as maintenance to your plumbing fixtures, experts in appliance repair in Bend, Oregon, advise. Work with pros to keep your appliances efficient and safe, so that you don’t wake up to a flooding dishwasher or washing machine. It’s easy to take your appliances for granted, but try to remember that you need to care for them if you want them to keep working well. And you don’t want to waste energy or water.

Water and your foundation

Your foundation and basement are set into the earth, and the soil beneath our feet can be full of water. That makes things such as basement waterproofing and sump pumps absolutely essential. Water in your basement can be a sign of serious problems, including costly foundation issues, so check your foundation frequently and be sure to speak to repair experts immediately if you see any issues.

Protecting yourself and your home

Knowing where to look for water threats is half of the battle. The other half is enlisting the right experts to take care of the problem — and doing so immediately.

When you put off repairs or maintenance for your space, you’re playing with fire (or, in this case, water!). Experts agree that deferred maintenance will cost you more in the long run, because you’ll allow minor problems and risk factors to develop into serious issues that cost a small fortune to fix.

Invest in regular maintenance, and make sure that your homeowner’s policy protects your home from as many sources of water damage as possible. If you do these things, you’ll have a lot less to fear from water, that powerful force in your home.


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