The Popular Use of Excavators in Construction Projects


Talking about heavy construction machines, what kind of machine rings into your mind? Well, I would talk of the excavators for its what I know well. What about you? Do you know the immense capabilities of an excavator? Are you at a position to buy the machinery for your company or to hire them over the lifespan of each individual project?

Let’s embark on the basic components of an excavator. The standing features of almost all excavators are; the bucket, bucket actuator, arm, arm actuator, boom, boom actuator, and the swing. All motions, displacements and movements are facilitated by hydraulic fluids. The efficient operations of the hydraulic fluids depend on the capacity of the hydraulic cylinders as well as the strength in the hydraulic motors.

What would you do with an excavator? From experience, we’ve discovered the profound versatility of an excavator. The most common uses are the digging of trenches, creation of foundations as well as the digging of holes. Most investors either buy or hire excavator equipment for these basic purposes, since there are many construction activities that takes place every day. Therefore, this seems a quite profitable venture.

Recently, the use of excavators in the forestry works has taken an appreciable toll. There has been a lot of heavy forest works that has never proved easy with regards to the human labor. Engineers and researchers created a way of using the excavators in forestry mulching, and other activities that involves digging or creation of pits, which has immensely revolutionized the activities of forestry.

Our company has particularly used it in the mining activities. The excavator can handle not only the open pit mining but also other activities such as hole boring, and even dredging especially from rivers and lakes. Contractors no longer need to employ hard human labor in these unfavorable environments; besides, they achieve it at a discounted price.

In construction companies, excavators have proved efficient in the pile driving which is an aid in addition to pile drivers. The digging of the initial pits and the support of the kentledge are some of the duties carried out by the excavators. The shallow and medium shafts that are used for the blasting of small and large rocks can be dug by excavators. This is easily achieved by the conjunctional use of drills that utilize hydraulic fluid and an auger.

Moreover, there are regions that experiences large snow coverage especially in construction sites in high altitudes especially on top of high mountains. The excavators can prove useful when attached with snowplow for snow removal in conjunction with the blowers. This clearly paints the picture of how versatile excavators are.

There are also a number of general construction site operations that can be achieved with an excavator. These include landscaping and grading of the soil, handling materials such as the aggregates and other heavy materials. When attached with the hydraulic saw and a mower, it can be used appropriately as a cutting implement.

When faulty buildings and other structures are to be demolished, the excavator is very useful. This is achieved when cutters, breakers and hydraulic claws are attached to it. So far, no single equipment has reached the extent of its efficiency in demolition activities.

Due to its versatility and popularity, the excavator hire price is very low when compared to the use of labor or other machinery such as bobcats, they have proven to be very useful in general construction works and activities, besides other fields such as agriculture. We highly recommend it to potential buyers or organizations that would hire them for use.

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