The Need To Keep Your Paw Friend Hygienic


Love and happiness knock the doors of homes having paw friends as family members. A home without a pet dog is no fun. Who would not want to get a whole set of snuggles and licks when they come home? Dogs are best friends for life, and as pet parents, you need to give them ample time, not just for cuddling but to also keep them neat and hygienic. Here is a list of reasons to let you know the importance of hygiene for your paw kid at home. You would also be getting to know the advantages of choosing natural pet products for your pets.

Ticks and Fleas – The little dangerous creatures

Ticks are tiny little creatures that are seen crawling on animals, sucking their blood up. Fleas, on the other hand, are like fruit flies that keep hopping up and down on animals. They suck blood too. Apart from sucking the blood of dogs, these little beings transmit bacteria and viruses into the body of your dog, making it prone to a variety of diseases, including the life taking ones.  

Tick fever – A life taking disease

Ticks are seen tightly clinging onto the fur of dogs. These little creatures reproduce in large numbers and spread across the whole body of your pet. Apart from sucking blood, the ticks bring in a symptom called ‘Tick Fever’, where the dog completely loses appetite and gains a high temperature. Its jaws become weak and joints become stiff. Very few dogs miraculously survive this deadly disease. The rest become immovable for weeks and then collapse. The best way to avoid it is to use a pet-safe flea and tick spray during the initial stages.

Bruises due to terrible itching

Ticks and fleas bite into the skin of the dogs and suckle blood. These bites and even the movement of these tiny creatures along the body makes a home for a lot of itching. The dogs won’t be able to control the itches and start scratching and biting until they bleed. These bruises make it even more simple for the ticks and fleas to sit and feed on. As they suck blood, the females start laying eggs in the bruised layers of skin and a huge number of larvae get hatched and pierce their way out. Safe natural flea and tick control methods need to be implemented to prevent your paw friend from undergoing such painful experiences. 


The tiny fleas suckle blood for almost fifteen times their size. Since they reproduce at a very fast pace, there will be a hundred fleas sucking the blood of your paw friend at a time. This leads to the health condition called Anemia – where the red blood cells drop down drastically making the dog weak and feeble. This leads to the loosening of jaws and may also be life taking for the tiny puppies. This calls for a non-toxic flea control medication for dogs, especially the younger ones and puppies. 

A human home turned into the home of Ticks

As ticks and fleas increase on the body of your furred family member, they start crawling over furniture and walls. These ticks go up near the roof during the day and crawl down to drink blood at night. These ticks start getting over on the human body and start sucking human blood, leaving behind red bruises and when neglected, they cause a lot of pain and even sickness. Natural pet products need to be used and ticks need to be eradicated from homes for a safe and happy living. 

Flea and tick prevention for dogs

  1. Bathe your dog at least once in a week using pet-friendly shampoos. 
  2. Groom the fur of your dog every day.
  3. Make sure you train your dog to not walk in puddles and wet ground as this makes them pick ticks up.
  4. Do not let your paw friend play with strays.
  5. Be extra careful during the rains and cold climate. This is the breeding season for ticks and fleas. 
  6. Always spray a dog tick removal spray on the fur of your dog to remove or prevent ticks. 
  7. Make sure that sprays you use are non-toxic and pet-friendly. 



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