The Most Common Industrial Door Repairs


There are a number of unexpected situations which may require the expert handling of a door maintenance specialist. Whether you have a damaged door or one which you cannot open, a door maintenance and replacement company will be able to help

Fortunately the majority of industrial door repairs are not too serious or too costly, though they can be quite the inconvenience until they are fixed. Here’s a list of the most common repairs on our list:

Replacing Garage Door Springs

If you have a garage door, then there is a good chance that at one point in its lifetime, a spring will break. The metal of the spring eventually fatigues and snaps, requiring a new replacement spring.

  • Expert tip: At least once a year it is recommended that home and business owners disconnect the garage door springs and lift the door themselves. This way you can see how well it is balanced and tackle any problems before the door places additional duress on the spring.

Bent Garage Door Track

Cars, machinery and other items can bump into your garage door track, causing it to become bent and misaligned. Small dents can usually be handled by the owner by using a small mallet to gently fix the door track. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, or have large dents, then you can call Door Maintenance Specialists Ltd for assistance.

The Safety Sensors Are Misaligned

If you have an automatic industrial door that will not close with the push of a button, first check and make sure that the batteries are operational. If that is not the problem, then the sensors are likely misaligned or there is something blocking the beam located at the bottom of the garage door preventing it from reaching the other side. You may be able to re-align the sensors on you own. But if you are unable to do so or think that another issue may be causing the problem, call a door technician for further assistance.

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