The Modern Bathroom


Most bathrooms are dull in design as they feature neutral colors of white and beige. You can transform your bathroom when you find contractors to remodel your home now. Make sure you have a design idea in mind as to how you want the bathroom to look before the contractor gets to the home and starts to offer tips on what can be added to give a modern design.

Clean lines and minimal colors sometimes work best in a bathroom. Consider adding a walk-in shower with a large glass door on one side of the room and a platform bathtub on the other side. The tub can be surrounded by tiles to give a modern touch.

LED Bathroom lights2Another option is to blend wood and concrete together to give the impression of a spa instead of the traditional bathroom. Install wood floors that have a dark color while using accents that are yellow, blue or green as these are often seen as cheerful and sometimes relaxing. Gold handles on the sink and the tub add a different look to the bathroom. You could also install a door that leads to a patio if the bathroom is in this area of the home.

If the bathroom faces a large expanse of trees or bushes, consider adding large windows that will add natural light and color instead of using a lot of artificial lighting. Gray and silver work well in this environment as the colors will enhance the natural look and make the room appear larger. A glass door on the shower can also make the room appear larger.

Make the bathtub the focal point of the bathroom by placing it in the center of the room. A tub with an antique design that looks like an older wash basin or one that has claw feet would be an option. This design sometimes works well in a smaller bathroom. Add a decorative chandelier over the tub and storage cabinets along one wall that are a dark color so that the focus stays on the tub. Wispy curtains on the windows and a pedestal sink complete the look in the room.

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