The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Housekeeping: How to Make Cleaning Fun


The average person spends six hours every week cleaning, and parents tend to clean for seven. That’s a lot of time to dedicate to something most people don’t like.

But it’s nice to have a clean house, even when cleaning is awful. So what can you do to make cleaning less of a chore? Most cleaning lists talk about getting the kids involved as if by becoming an adult you should suddenly enjoy this chore.

Fortunately, you’re not doomed to hate cleaning forever. Here’s how to make cleaning fun for adults, because we still want to have fun too.

Call a Friend or Family Member

Invest in a pair of Bluetooth headphones with a speaker. Now you can call your family and friends hands-free, which leaves your hands free for scrubbing.

Cleaning is a body-intensive activity, but your mind is typically free to wander. This means you can clean, and still focus on the conversation. Instead of turning cleaning into a chore, it’s now a great time to stay in touch with the people in your life you care about.

Listen to Audiobooks

Audible, Scribd or Libby are all awesome platforms to listen to audiobooks. You can learn a new skill, get caught up for your book club, or enjoy a classic favorite, or find a new adventure.

Audible offers Great Courses, where you get college-level lectures in the form of an audiobook.

Audiobooks while cleaning is an amazing way to read more, constantly learn new things, and make cleaning fun.

Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts are like bite-sized audiobooks. They can be just as educational and fun. You can get podcasts that focus on nearly any skill. Or you can listen to a comedy podcast channel, get caught up on the news, or listen to a Ted Talk to boost your motivation.

You can even listen to spooky stories that are gripping. Who knows, you might finish your chore list and start looking for new cleaning ideas so you can keep listening to your podcast.


Put together a cleaning playlist that makes you want to groove. You can burn some extra calories by dancing around while you tidy.

Not only does dancing boost endorphins, but music with a fast beat will help you move faster as you go through your chores. You’re likely to get them done quicker too!

If you find a YouTube playlist you particularly like, you can convert it to MP3 so you can listen to it offline whenever you like, without draining your phone’s battery. At you can find a list of some of the best MP3 converters

Use Products You Enjoy

Cleaning is much worse when your products are working against you. If your shower scrubber isn’t properly scrubbing showers, then you need to upgrade to something that does the job. Your job will be easier, and you can finish cleaning faster.

But consider tossing out your cleaners and getting new ones even for smaller infractions. Maybe you hate the way your cleaner smells. Maybe the bottle is heavy and hurts your wrist. Maybe your scrubbing cloths are puke yellow or you don’t like the texture against your skin.

If there’s something else in your cleaning supplies that makes you not want to clean, you’re only going to dread the process even more. So upgrade to products you’re excited about using, ones with pleasant scents, textures, and appeals, so you can enjoy them too.

Get a Friend Involved

Invite over a friend while you clean. Bribe them with pizza or chocolate or drinks. They don’t even have to help you clean, just provide company. They can relax on the couch and chat as you wipe down blinds, or chill on your bed as you fold laundry.

Sometimes cleaning is easier when you’re not alone. But be prepared to return the favor if they ever ask you to hang out with them while they clean.

Put on Reruns

Some people like to have their favorite show playing in the background as they clean. This can’t be a show that you’ll get sucked into, like the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

But if you’re playing reruns of The Office or Bob’s Burgers for the 8th time, then having a pleasant, familiar storyline can make cleaning easier.

However, if you’re the type of person who gets sucked into screens, beware. This hack might work against you.

Make It Easy

Keep your cleaning supplies neat and organized. Get a caddy to carry with you, so you never have to hunt down a cleaner. Consider leaving the vacuum cleaner plugged in so all you have to do is turn it on.

The easier you can make it, the fewer hurdles you have to jump through to get the job done.

Reward Yourself

You’ve done something that you were probably dreading, good for you! Cleaning is a part of life, and we all have to keep up on it, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it, or reward ourselves for knocking it off the to-do list.

So eat a piece of fancy chocolate, relax with a cup of tea and a good book, or watch your favorite show. You’ve earned it!

How to Make Cleaning Fun: Pair It With Something You Enjoy

Figuring out how to make cleaning fun isn’t tricky. Your body is busy, but your mind doesn’t have to be. So use that time to read a new audiobook, listen to a funny podcast, or talk to someone you care about.

But you can also make it more fun by investing in products you enjoy using, even if they’re a bit frilly or expensive. And when you’re done, reward yourself with something you rarely get to enjoy. After all, you just finished cleaning for the day. Good job!

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