The History of Blinds – All You Need to Know


If you are anything like us,then you must have looked at stuff like blinds and asked: ‘’ whose idea was this and how did they do it before modern technology made it incredibly easy to buy blinds online?” With the current sophistication of technology, making blinds have become an easier task. In the pastdecades, it required more effort to make and install blinds. This must have been time-consuming.

Civilisation in the Desert

The blinds have a very long history. They were present before ancient Egypt was instituted. It all started in the desert regions where there are sandstorms and the scorching sun. These desert communities had to protect themselves from these unwelcoming desert conditions. In those days they would use single pieces of clothing covering the doors and windows. They were mainly focused on protecting the house interiors from dust, dirt and the scorching sun.

Egypt Civilisation

Egypt also lies in the desert, and it happens to have one of the most recorded histories. We can choose to speak much about Egypt but let us focus on blinds. They used sheets of clothes in the windows and doorways. They also employed reeds which they would roll up and down the window. These were made by use of palm ribs sawn together by cords on the edges.

These closely resembled the Venetianblinds online in the modern age. They covered the doors and windows, and through the spaces between the reeds, they would allow a breeze to enter the house. This enhanced privacy in the house and shielded the sun.

Chinese Civilisation

The Chinese utilised bamboo to make mats woven together with cords. They did not only use them for regulating light but also for heat regulation similar to the modern blinds. You can indeed buy blinds onlinewith more advanced features. Many people are focusing on eco-friendly solutions, and that is why they are still relevant to this age.

Romans Civilisation

This must beon the list. Most modern developments are founded on Roman technology. They used fabrics to cover their windows and doors for privacy purposes and control of light and dust.

They developed their fabrics into more intricate designs that are known today as Roman blinds. You can now buy high-quality Roman blinds online. They were the first to pull the curtain on itself that is different from strips present in the Chinese case.

Venetian Blinds

These were created in Venice in the 18th century. Since Venetians were business people, they put their name to it as they spread their blinds across Europe. They were initially made with cotton strings. The pulley designs were later made in the 1960s which brought about the ability to control the angles you wanted the blinds. Venetian blinds onlineare now made from different materials like PVC and Aluminium as well and incorporate a range of colours.

Modern Blinds

Blinds have been around for thousands of years. They have been in different forms from generation to another. Across Australia especially, blinds are now an integral part of many homes.

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