The Designer’s Defence – How to Boost Home Security without Compromising Style


No one wants to think about your home being broken into, but it occurs daily to multiple people around the world. Home security is a needed resource in the times that we find ourselves living in.

There are multiple security systems on the market nowadays, but some of them look so cold and chilling. They look like a fortress and take away from the style and class of the neighbourhood you live in and replace it with the look of doubt and uncertainty. This does not have to be the case though! Home security systems have come a long way and have the power to protect you without giving you the look or feel of fear.

Keep reading to discover the top five ways to boost your home security without compromising your style.

Security Cameras

The primary way to raise your home security without losing style is to add security cameras. There are many models on the market, and you need to take your time to review the ones that would work best for your situation. One of the benefits of security cameras in today’s technology is the size of the cameras. They can be placed virtually anywhere and not be seen. They also have the technology to be viewed on your smartphone, so you can see what is going on at your home even without being there.

Window Tinting

Another less thought of way to beef up your security without compromising style is to tint your windows. Security tinting is a film that is explicitly fitted to the size of your window. It makes it much darker and therefore more difficult for a thief to see into your home. The tint also makes it more difficult to break the glass and gain entry into your personal space. The glass does not shatter into a million pieces when struck. Instead, it acts as safety glass, making it harder for the thief to get inside and allowing you a much more straightforward cleanup and less costly to replace the window.

Security Lighting

Lighting is a high-security method as it makes your home bright in the darkness and what criminal wants to be seen and exposed? Security lighting can be placed on the exterior of the home and in the garden. Make sure to position the lights in the front and rear of your house. These lights can be motion activated; they do not have to be big and blaring floodlights as that can be prisonlike and unattractive. Motion lights are also an excellent way to have needed lighting without using up a significant amount of energy and therefore gives you cost savings over time.

Steel Doors

The last often-uncommon way to boost your home security without losing style and function is to replace your old and unsecure front and backdoors. There are many options you want to look at when investigating new doors. One of the most secure doors on the market is made of steel. It is difficult to dent and even more difficult to gain entry.

The most secure steel doors come with a safety rating of 40, which indicates that the door will not be forced open after seven strikes with a 100-pound weight or more. In other words, this means a career criminal is not entering your home without much work or many friends. No criminal wants to put themselves at risk being seen taking time trying to beat down a steel door; they will choose a less secure house instead.

Why it is Essential to Keep a Stylish and Trendy Look to Your Home

With the day and age we live in, you have to think about burglaries and crime. That means you need to be secure, but not by losing your neighbourhood feel and look. Whether you place small and unseen security cameras, window tinting, security lighting, or new steel doors, your home will not only be protected, but it will not lose the homey and loving feeling that you have worked so hard to achieve!

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