The Benefits of Hiring a Junk Removal Company vs Getting a Dumpster


With spring just around the corner, the homeowner’s thoughts turn to spring cleaning and home cleaning. It’s a time to open up the windows, let in fresh air, and get your home clean and seeming alive once again.

As you look around, though, you might be surprised at just how much stuff you’ve collected over the winter months. There’s likely a lot of debris in your yard and lawn furniture that’s seen better days.

Looking at your home and your yard, it’s tempting to get rid of all of it and start fresh. If you go down that road, you have several options: You can rent a truck and haul things to the junkyard yourself. You can load up the car and make several trips to your local charity. And if you have a lot of junk, you can rent a dumpster.

However, before you decide on any of these options, you might consider hiring professionals to handle this task for you, and here’s why.

Maintain Appearances

As a homeowner, it’s natural to take pride in how your house looks on the interior as much as the exterior. If you rent a dumpster, that’s going to look awful sitting in your driveway or front yard. Professional junk removers often get the job done quickly without making a bigger mess or taking away from the attractiveness of your home.

Consider the Cost

While hiring a professional service is more expensive than getting rid of the junk by yourself, you have to weigh the cost to you in time and muscle. Think about how much time it’s going to take  you to get rid of everything — how many trips back and forth to the Goodwill or the junkyard it’s going to take. Depending on the amount of junk, you could lose a whole weekend or two. Also, consider the toll all the lifting and hauling are going to take on your body. You could be aching for a week or more trying to recover. A professional service relieves you from all of that and ensures the job will be done correctly and cleanly, and it frees you up to take care of other important chores to get your home ready for spring.

Think of the Environment

Before you get rid of your junk, think about the toll it’s taking on the environment to take everything to a junkyard. True, it’s convenient and probably cheap, but we all should be thinking about the environment if not for us, then for the sake of our kids. If you choose to be environmentally conscious when removing junk by yourself, you could end up spending a lot of time traveling to different recycling facilities to properly dispose of everything. Things like batteries, electronics, lead paint, and metals require specialized disposal. A professional removal service can save you a headache and ensure that your junk is disposed of in a way that’s environmentally friendly.

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