Switching to LPG Gas can Help the Environment


We all need to use gas in our day to day lives, whether it’s heating the house during the colder times, firing up the barbeque on the sunny days or cooking inside when the weather is not so friendly. In fact, natural gas remains one of the most popular providers of energy throughout the world.

The problem is that gas is a fossil fuel, i.e. non-renewable, meaning eventually it will run out leaving us with the challenge of filling the void with another energy providing material. However, more importantly, burning natural gas emits carbon emissions into the atmosphere which is one of the biggest causes of the current climate change predicament we’re facing in the modern world. Most fossil fuels are high in sulphur, nitrogen and other damaging chemicals which all exacerbate the problem of pollution.

Having said this, Australia is a developed country, and the use of energy has become essential to our way of lives. Rather unfortunately, we’re still quite a way off building a wind turbine for the specific purpose of powering our oven. The reality is, most of the world depends on energy and most of that energy is produced via non-environmentally friendly means.

While we’re a way off depending solely on clean, renewable energy to sustain our way of lives, there are small steps we can take to slow the effects of climate change until the clean energy solution has been found. One of these is switching to LPG gas, which is available in all parts of Australia, so you can find LPG gas in Qld, New South Wales or wherever it is that you live.

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Slowing Down Climate Change

The ice caps are melting and rising sea levels will soon put cities and nations in a challenging situation. Renewable energy is, of course, the ultimate answer to our problems, but until then, you can reduce your carbon footprint by making a simple switch to LPG gas. Compared to most popular fossil fuels, LPG gas burns cleanly and efficiently and releases less CO2 particles into the atmosphere. Given that this efficiency can save you money on boiler maintenance, less carbon emissions alone is a good reason to switch. But in the way of being a little greener, there’s even more to add. LPG gas contains less damaging chemicals, such as sulphur and nitrogen, meaning it contributes less to pollution than conventional fossil fuels.

Less Risk of Contamination

Oil spills can be a huge problem. When they happen on a large scale, it makes major headline news all over the world. Of course, you needn’t be worried about contaminating the oceans if you spill oil or gas on your premises, but even small spills can cause ground and water contamination. LPG gas evaporates very quickly, significantly reducing the damaging effects of these types of contamination.

With its large scalability, you can purchase LPG gas in Qld and all over Australia, so it’s worth looking into if you’re serious about reducing your footprint.

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