Swedish minimalist designs of IKEA furniture for your home or office


You can often hear people talk about the Swedish minimalist designs of IKEA furniture for your home or office.

Before we talk about the exemplary Swedish minimalist designs, let us just take a look at what minimalism really is and why it is gaining more and more popularity with every passing day. Minimalism is, in reality, an age old concept, philosophy or way of living, call it what you will. It has been in practice in different periods of time and in different countries in more ways than one, depending largely on the culture, traditions, history and evolution of the mankind, in general. It has also been defined (and understood) in various ways over a period of time. Quite simply, minimalism can be understood as a simplistic and artful way of living your life where the basic philosophy is that ‘less is more’.


There are no set rules for following minimalism in your life. In a way, minimalism is a move away from ‘materialism’. For a very significant period of time, a large number of people have believed that in order to enhance their happiness and contentment, they need to have more and more ‘objects of desire’ or materialistic possessions. They believed that the way to more prosperity, peace and tranquility in their lives was through acquiring more and more. However, it soon dawned on some of them that instead of assisting them in their pursuit, this approach was actually causing too many blockades. They soon discovered that minimalism was a readily available tool which could assist them find freedom from worry, fear, guilt and depression by setting them free from the trappings of consumerism. Assigning way too much value to their material possessions had made them forsake their health, passions, relationships, personal growth and their innate desire to contribute beyond their limited selves. Minimalism, however, is not ‘anti-materialism’. The feeling of carrying all that you need to survive in your back pack while backpacking in the mountains is the finest form of minimalism for the modern minimalist.

The easiest way towards minimalism was to start with the furniture at home and in office by having only that which was essential. De-cluttering was the way forward.

What could be better than the Swedish minimalist designs of IKEA furniture for your home and office? Aesthetically designed and finished-to-perfection, these self-assembly furniture items truly complement your move towards pursuing a purpose driven life. You could be looking for sofas, chairs, desks, coffee tables, book shelves, wardrobes, beds, dining tables or garden furniture for your office or home. Whatever it is, the minimalist designs of IKEA furniture will simply leave you awestruck!

The IKEA minimalist designs will help you move further in your journey towards finding happiness, thrill, fulfillment and freedom in your life. Just glance through our catalogue or walk into our showroom nearest to you and have a look at our simplistically designed furniture items. Some of the elegant and beautiful items will really give you that feeling of ‘awakening’ or ‘liberation’.

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