Tips for a successful split system air conditioner installation


Nowadays, there is a great problem to find the expertise for installation of split system air conditioners. But, if you have some basic knowledge of plumbing works and experience of electrical work, it could be a very simple task done by you. But before dealing with the actual installation process you must keep in mind few things.

Requirements for split system air conditioner installation

You must have a pair of good quality shock proof rubber gloves which are generally used while doing electrical fittings.

  • In addition to this you must wear the rubber foot wears or any shock proof foot ware while working.
  • You must have a set of tools used in plumbing and electrical works like drill machine, a metal frame which is used to give support to the air conditioner device while fitting to the wall, some nut-bolts and crucial tools like screw driver, tester apparatus and multi-meter for checking voltage. Ladder is also required in many cases to install at higher heights.
  • These are the very basic requirements required for the installation process of split system air conditioner. It is always better to hire professionals who can install the split system air conditioner in your room, as it is not always good to go by the DIY techniques.

Select the best Location for split system air conditioner installation

It is generally suggested that the split air conditioning system should be fitted on the wall about 6.5-7ft above the floor and about 6 inch of open space is required from the top.

  • Experts say that the unit should be about 3.3 feet away from the antenna, power or connecting lines that are used by television, radio and other systems.  In the same way, the location should be decided in such a way that the device should not come in direct contact of heat or sunlight.
  • It should also be considered that the system should not wet even after the heavy rain in the surrounding. The location should be decided in such a manner that the air should be circulated in maximum available area to provide eventually effective cool condition.

If it is not considered, the air flow will be in one particular direction and negligible cooling effect will be observed in the corners and extremities. Location of the air conditioner should be away from kitchen or hood of the cooking area. The fumes from the cooking area may damage the air conditioner.

What are the precautions to be taken while the installation is done?

  • There are many factors which should be considered for safety, but very significant ones are listed here. The most vital factor in this process is the wetness of your hands. It is mandatory to make your hands fully dry before working with the electrical gadgets even though you may be using shock proof gloves.
  • Another important precaution to be kept in mind is to ensure the strong bottom support. In order to install the system at comparatively higher height, the support or ladder is required. It is essential to check the grip of the ladder before using it for climbing.
  • If drilling of wall is required in the installation process, it is necessary to cover the face with mask or cloth while drilling the hole, because the dust may hurt your body. It is also recommended by some experts that one should wear glasses or eye protection gadgets while installation of the split air conditioner.

Of course, split system air conditioner installation is best left to experts. A good contractor will often have complementing annual maintenance schemes, which will make sure your unit will keep running in top condition, for the longest time possible.

Hope the above tips will be helpful for the air conditioner installation. Click here to get more information about split system air conditioner installation.

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