How to straighten sagging roof rafters


Sagging rafters can be a serious and deadly (in some cases) problem in your roofing system. If you find your roof is sagging or a slight dip is visible, then you are probably a victim of sagging roof rafters. This can be a serious problem in future, if not treated at the right time. This can cause roof caving, water leakage. Repairing a roof rafter in such condition is not a hurdle, but it can be a difficult task if there is no easy access to do the job.

Here are few handful instructions, which will be beneficial.

  • Things you will need:
  1. Carriage bolts
  2. Hydraulic jack
  3. Metal drill bit
  4. Half inch angle iron (thick)
  5. Drill

  • Actuate the intensity of damage:

The first and foremost step is to find out how many and from where the rafters are sagging. If the damage is identified, then it will be easy to repair it. If there is any other damage it should also be fixed before moving to the next step.

Some of these rafters might need to be straightened and some needs to be replaced with a new sheathing.

  • Jacking it up:

Straighten rafters can be done easily by jacking them one over the other. However, this should be done very slowly and carefully. It may take several weeks for the rafters come back in their original position. Jack up the rafters by giving one inch space between them, this will allow the roof to move with it without cracking.

  • Drilling angle iron:

To stop the rafters from bending again, you need to guard it with an angle iron piece. The piece should be ½ inch; all the sides should be 4inch long with the whole piece at least two feet long. This will act as an extra layer of protection and will avoid cracks in the wood.

Drill the angle iron; make four or five holes in it on any one side of the piece. And to do so, you will need a metal bit.

  • Fixing angle iron:

Once the rafter is back in its original position, put one section of the iron piece over the top most section of the rafter. Fix it on the place from where it is sagging or damaging. Use carriage bolts to attach them but, don’t fix them tightly.

  • Relocate the jack:

Done attaching iron with the beam? Quickly relocate the jack or else the rafter may sag again. Be quick and cautious while removing the jack. Set the iron on the entire beam. Put the jack back underneath the beam but, put it under the iron piece this time.

This step needs concentration and patience, don’t panic,just follow the steps one by one and you are all set to go.

  • Double checking the iron piece:

This is the time to tighten the attached carriage bolts. Put in the remaining carriage bolts in 2’6 rafter and fix them tightly. At the time of fixing lower down the jack so that the metal can afford the weight of the roof.

If there are more rafters that needs to be fixed, follow the same instruction for all of them. Remember your roof is a layer of protection just like the earth is protected by the ozone layer. If, the layer damage you will suffer with the consequences. As soon as you see bowed roof or sagging in any corner of the roof call for the help of a professional. These were easy and DIY steps to straighten sagging roof rafters.If you are facing problems with sagging roof rafters then you need to contact professional Roofing Ann Arbor contractors in Michigan for assistance.

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