Stonemasonry and its Multiple Applications For Domestic and Commercial PPurposes


The art of stone masonry is supposed to be the art of the artisans from a very long time. The art has a great history and the stone masons have been the part of the society since ages. The stonemasons shape the stones pieces in such a way that they may fit together. The act of stonemasons involves not just chiseling stones and giving them desired shape, but it also involves the fine applications of stonemasonry to numerous domestic and industrial uses. Due to high requirement of the building blocks these stone masons were in high demand in the past. You may have seen many stone memorials that are standing since thousands of years and the credit of building all that goes to the art of stonemasonry.

Combination of human skill and machinery:

In the modern scenario though stonemasonry has seen the liberal use of machinery the skill is still considered a form of art because of the amount of hand work that is needed. Moreover, there is still a long apprenticeship required before one qualifies to become a stonemason. In the modern architecture the architects employ stonemasons as the work involves innovation, and giving the perfect shape to stones and bricks. So the masons work for the households, and also in making large statutes and edifices of stone for government buildings and commercial heritage places. As it is a known fact that a handmade thing cannot be exactly the same as another handmade piece so a stonemason is given the job to create that uniqueness.

The craft of stonemasonry can be utilized in various places in the interior of a house such as:

  • The fireplace:

The fireplace is a center of attraction in a house because of the ancient appeal it has. All the Victorian times house had a fireplace and people still fancy those days. A stone crafted fire place will make your house look elegant and posh as compared o the boring brick design.

  • The stairs

The use of stone craft can enhance the look of the staircase in your house. The staircase will not just remain a means of connecting with the upper floors but will be appreciated for the craftsmanship if it has been done by a stonemason.

  • The floor

Generally the floor is made up of tiles or carpet or wood but with the stone crafting techniques you can give your floor such designs that will not only last a lifetime but can also be selected depending on your choice of colors and designs.

Advantages of using stone as a building material:

The main advantage of using stone as the building material or foe decor is that it is very durable and can last you a lifetime. There is very less wear and tear of stone due to weather, water or heat which makes it an ideal material for construction. You can search from different online portals or websites, which have contacts and work experiences of stonemasons lined up. You can contact with them after going through the reviews and getting an idea about the budget and the estimate. It would be the best if the mason could show you his work on site but it may not be possible every time. You can also search for the best stonemason by asking your friends or relatives who may have got such kind of work done.

The stone craft is in trend these days and people are returning to the grandeur of architecture. This is the reason why the use of stone and other materials that had become a thing of past are finding a new place in the interior decor of the house.

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