Steps of Siding Maintenance


Siding is one of the important parts of the house attached with the roof that provides the protection you deserve. However, as there is limited time of everything, siding also does not last longer because of the damage that can happen to the material. It is the reason; you must take precautionary measure and certain steps that can extend the life of the source of protection. The basic strategy you need to follow is inspection of the problem and then repairing the damaged part of the siding that means you have to take out time for your exterior house for improving its appearance and performance. Following are some steps that you can follow for certain kind of materials.

Inspect Damage of Siding:
The material of the siding is vulnerable for the infiltration of water because it has corners towards the windows and the doors. The moisture can lead to molds that can damage the siding. While inspecting the roof, you need to see whether there is any cracked caulk and find out the reason behind the crack as it can be both by the age or extended gaps between the sidings. Work on this area by reapplying a good exterior caulk matched with the color of existing siding. Do not forget to apply it with excessive 65 degree temperature to ensure maximum amount of adhesion.

Check Wood Siding:
If the wooden siding is chipped and the paint is peeling or the boards are cracked or trim then you have to call the roofer. If the siding is made of stucco then observes whether there are cracks and chips on the siding. Repair all the defects that you can see and clean the siding with appropriate method. Sooner repairs will lead to better protection from the moisture infiltration so make sure that the roofer is doing the right work. There should be no dry rot and any other formation of mold on the walls.

Repair Different Styles of Siding:
No matter you are repairing the wooden or fiber-cement siding or it is the vinyl siding, you have to make sure to remove the damaged siding completely. Doing the project yourself is a good idea but you need to make sure you have enough skills and expertise for the task. You can also hire a professional siding contractors Grosse ile Michigan for repairing the sidings. The expected cost of replacing the material is $200-$300 and you can easily find a good service provider in town.

Repair Brick and Mortar:
When it’s about DIY project, you can use cold chisel for removing the loosen mortar and repair it with the fresh mortar with the effective process of repainting. DIY projects mostly are time consuming and there is more difficulty in removing the thinner joints. The visible indication of incorrect sealing on the masonry is powdery white residue on the surface which is also called effloresce. You can remove it by scrubbing the surface with a mixture of water and vinegar with the help of bristle brush. Make sure the surface is properly dry and it is clean that can prevent leaching. If efflorescence is persistence then you can consult a professional roofing contractor for maintaining the siding. You can also remove the mild dew in the same manner by preparing a good mixture of a detergent and water and remove the mildew completely from each and every section of the siding. Make sure to work on the roof as well if mildew has spread all around. You right approach to the care of your roof and siding can reduce your worries and improve the condition of the roof.

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