Steps of Roof Replacement


Replacing the roof is not just about nailing the shingles on the surface of roof. It is the using the most advanced materials and technology by using an integrated systematic for protecting the roof.
Installing the roof is also a commitment towards understanding the process of re-roofing for starting and completing the roofing project with success. It involves the questions about the cost, installation pitfalls, and other necessary information that can help you install the roof. It is the reason; you need to conduct proper research with comparing the current estimates for re-roofing. No matter you want to replace the shingles or metal roof, you must prepare yourself by following the below-mentioned steps.

Protection of Property:
The first step of the project is ensuring that your property is under production. It is about protection of siding of house, walls, backyard, and any furniture placed outside.

Remove the Old Roofing Material:
Remove the old shingles, gutters, chimney and all the parts that you want to replace with the new material. Inspect the roof wood decking by removing the shingles.

Roof Inspection:
One of the important and initial elements of roofing replacement is inspection of the decking of roof. The structure of the roof must be solid that means you need to replace the soft decking with a solid material. It is a very necessary step as one you have made a strong base, your shingles will remain on their position.

Inspect the wood sheeting attached with the rafters of the roof in an appropriate way. Check the missing nails during the process of removing the material of old roof. Install the shingles by first re-nailing the previous wood decking. You will see that the new structure of the roof looks very impressive as it adds new beauty to the roof as it will not create any kind of bumps on the roof. Secure the roof by re-nailing the wood deck.

Prepare the Surface of the Roof:
The next task is preparing the surface of the roof for installing shingles.

Installation of Drip Edge:
Once you have prepared the wood decking, you need to install the roof drip edge on all the different edges of the roof. It is portion of metal bend at 90 degrees used for preventing the moisture from reaching under the material of the roof on all the edges of the roof.

Installation of Ice and Water Shield:
The next step of the process is installing the ice and water shield that is a very unique type of underlayment of roofing. It attaches with the wood decking for preventing the roof from any kind of leakages. You must install the shield on the bottom at chimney, roof pipe flanges, and the connections.

Installation of Roofing Felt:
The next step after installing the ice and water shield is installing the roofing felt because it is very important to cover the roof with roofing felt. It will prevent the shingles of the roof from any attachment with the wood. You can use heavy duty roofing felt for your roof.

Installation of New Material of Roof:
Now when you have completed the above-mentioned steps, you must lay out the new material of your roof. Staring installing the new material from the bottom and then reach the upper side. Complete each of the procedure step by step and install the flashing, roof ridge vent and capping.

Site Cleanup:
When you have completed the project, you need to clean the entire area of your house so no kind of mold can build on it.

Consult a Professional Contractor:
No matter you are doing the project yourself or hiring a service from roofing company. You need to make sure that you know each of the procedure. You can also call the residential roofing contractors Dearborn MI for any kind of assistance during the project.

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