Why Soffits and Fascias are Important?


Soffits and fascia are part of your roof that is in the particular place on the ceiling. Soffits are at a distance under the rafter tails, and fascia is at the closing stages of rafters. These are the architectural elements that play more role than just the physical appearance of your house. You may have seen these parts of the roof that protect squirrels and other pests away from the house.  Other than establishing a protective environment, soffits and fascia are also providing ventilation to the top of your house.

People who are the residents of areas with moist climate and high winds have these two elements in their home that keep the water of rain from coming inside of the house. In other words, the rain cannot whirl up beneath the eaves of a house. However, these parts also need maintenance on a regular basis otherwise it would be a place where you would see water. Their support consists of annual inspection and cleansing of fascia and soffits. The elements require protective paint and caulk for serving the purpose.

The traditional fascia and soffits are of aluminum and wood materials. However, vinyl material and UPVC are also famous these days because they are the product of synthetic and composite material. The modern materials are excellent in quality and durability. They are easier to maintain than the older types of fascia and soffits. Vinyl soffits are beaded, but other types give the appearance of wood grain. There are different designs of plastic fascia is available in the market that is especially for increasing the architectural value of the house. The products constructed from recycled materials are also in fashion now. People who admire usage of eco-friendly materials use this fascia and soffits for their home.

The only thing you have to do for ensuring the quality service of fascia and soffits is the professional installation of both elements. You have to make both the elements waterproofed with the right plant. Talk to a reliable company for availing this service. The damaged gutter can create a lot of trouble for your roof and house, so maintenance plays a vital role in getting the benefits of the different parts of the ceiling.

The experienced Northville roofing contractor’s advice is to clean the gutters on weekly or monthly basis would keep the flow of water right. You first have to reach fascia board in case the water backs up.

If you want to replace soffit, then you do not have to worry about the cost as it only takes $20-30 for installing new soffits. The cost of replacing fascia is $15-25, and you can install it a time when both of the things stop functioning properly. The size of the house and the quality of materials determines the cost of roofing elements. If your house has a damaged roof, then you have to spend $5,000 for repairing the damaged fascia and soffits. Other parts such as drywall and framing of the ceiling are also involved in the construction procedure.

Safety Measures:

There are some of the tips that you have to follow as security measures for soffits and fascia.

  • Get a soft brush and make a cleaning solution for cleaning mildew on soffits. Immediate steps of cleansing would keep your entire roof safe.
  • Inspect whether there are nests of honey bees or any bird. You can also hire a professional for getting the service of inspection.
  • Cutting longer pieces of fascia is a right approach to the DIY project. The approach gives you pieces where the pieces would overlap creating a protective environment for your house.

If your roof is damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional Roofing contractors in Northville Michigan for a professional advice.

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