Smart ways to transform your house into a holiday destination!


You may have already made some small changes to your house, but if you are not planning to go on vacation this year, then you could make some small additions to convert your home into a holiday house that you will be delighted to spend some time at. Let’s discover all the ways that will make you feel that you are on vacation even if you are not able to get away of the city.


Add small lights or low-light bulbs in order to make the bedroom lighting a romantic room. Clean the whole house, throw away all the unnecessary stuff you were keeping all year long and let the space shine even more with the proper lighting. You can also add a brushed copper lamp in the living room so as you can give the space a more relaxed yet sophisticated touch.

Enjoy your time in bed

You can also give yourself the luxury of buying a pair of more expensive linen. It may seem unnecessary, but when you lie on them you will see how different you will feel.

Be luxurious all the time

 Since you will not go on vacation you can spend a small amount on small everyday luxuries that will make you feel that you absolutely deserve it. Put a lot of pillows on the floor and on the sofas, fill the place with candles and make a comfortable backdrop that makes your house look different than in the winter time. In the summer you want comfort so relax a little and enjoy a more relaxed everyday life.

A little bit of nature

 Add some pots in your house that will show beautiful plants. Put some jars with colorful flowers for more color and beautiful smells. If you have a large terrace or garden, take care of them in order to create a green and colorful oasis.

Living in a hotel

You can browse the internet and see all the hotel rooms that you like. Try to turn your room into a room that resembles what you discovered online and was excited. Change the layout of your sleeping space so you feel like you are somewhere else. Remember that our mind thinks what we want to think of.


You can enhance your home with different materials such as wood, linen, leather or satin. Wire these materials together in the decoration of your home for a subversive effect. You can also use a beach towel instead of a bath towel when bathing or showering.


 Relax and play with the colors. Choose shades of blue that calm the mind and are connected directly to the summer. Add beautiful pastel colors in order to bring romance to the space or choose the safe combination of white with colorful touches of floral and striped patterns.

It’s all about the sea waves

Find all the pebbles, shells and starfish you picked up last summer and decorate your house with. You can make beautiful summer corners that will cheer you up and will remind you how many beautiful summers you have spent and how much more beautiful you are going to in the future.

If this is the first summer you spend in the city then it may be a bit harder for you to realize that the city is also beautiful in the summer time. The empty cities are enjoyable and many people love to stay in the city especially in August when everyone else is leaving. The important thing is not to get frustrated and not get into the wrong mood. Make changes to your house and you will realize how your life and summer will change.

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