Smart Wardrobe Designs for Small Spaces


When you have a small living space, it may seem quite challenging to keep the space in perfect order. One major challenge is how to keep your stuffs neatly arranged without cramping up the space that is already too small.

However, you only need to think out of the box and be creative in order to manage a compact space well. You should think of how to have an orderly arrangement that won’t make the space feel boxed in. The very first thing to consider would be your storage plan. Below are some smart ideas on designing Garderoobid  or wardrobes for small spaces.

How to design wardrobes for small spaces

  • Add reflective mirrors to the wardrobe panels

Mirrors are a well-known trick for small spaces. Mirrors generally have a way of making a room feel larger than its actual size. They just multiply the perception of the space. The good catch is that mirrors will not only make the space seem larger, they also would eradicate the need to put up a dressing mirror.

  • Make recessed niches count

If there are some awkward narrow spaces in your room, then make them count. The trick here is to install a tall wardrobe in every wall niche. This is a very smart and practical way to maximize the living space and create more storage space in your compact room. It conserves a lot of space compared with getting a ready-made freestanding wardrobe.

  • Build a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe refers to a collection of clothing and accessories that you wear often, usually for a specific period of time. You could build a piece of furniture to store this set of clothing and accessories. Among many other benefits, this will help you create an efficiently organized storage area within your small space. Other clothing and accessories that you don’t use quite often may be carted away in a dresser chest or in a separate storage room.

  • Use sliding doors

If you build a wardrobe with sliding doors, you will be able to save up some space in your room. Unlike hinged doors, sliding doors do not take up space when you open and close them. Therefore, you do not need to leave much empty space in front of the wardrobe to accommodate the swinging of the door. This helps to free up a sizeable floor area and, in turn, aids unconstrained movement around the room.

  • Use no doors at all

If the space is super small and you have very limited area with to work with, even a sliding door may not even be a workable option. In this case, keep your closet well organized and leave it open. If you are not comfortable with leaving your closet open, you could cover it with curtains. Either ways, this will save up some more extra space. Neutral colored curtains are the best pick for this kind of design.


You sure have some handsome ideas now on how to maximize your compact space with smart wardrobe designs. You could add your own twists to these tips and create a nice and ‘spacious’ compact room that has a relaxing feel. If you need more help, experts like GRANDBER Sisustus can help you work it out seamlessly.

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