Smart Ideas For Saving Money While Helping the Environment


Controlling your home from the road can be tricky if you’re not invested in any smart technology. Luckily, there are numerous updates you can add to your existing home tech to make it easier to adjust the temperature, security levels, lighting, and more. So even if you’re halfway across the world in Europe, you can still make sure things are safe and sound in your humble abode. Having a smart home will also help you save time and money when you return from your global adventures.

One feature you should consider is a smart thermostat. These allow you to control the temperature while you’re away, meaning you can turn the heat or air conditioner down if you’re going to be late arriving back. What’s more, these systems learn your habits over time, meaning that they can automatically adjust the temperature when you’re expected to be home. This will keep your utility bills low and save precious energy. In fact, the average Nest user saves about $131 to $145 per year in utilities.

Water sensors are another valuable piece of home tech to install. If you live a busy, globe-trotting lifestyle, having a water leak can be devastating, as you might not realize there’s a problem until you come home weeks after the fact. By placing smart water sensors into the outlets around your home, they can constantly monitor for water gushing from burst pipes or rising waters levels due to flooding and send you an alert on your smartphone. These are just a few of the pieces of tech you can buy. Review the infographic Above to learn more.

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