Sink options for your new bathroom


Unlike in the early days, there are countless options to choose from when you want to remodel your bathroom. You can get anything you want, be it glass, wood or granite sinks. Back then there only existed very few models of sinks that you could use for your bathroom. Now, you can find a great number of sinks in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Bathroom remodeling involves the upgrade of new sinks or simply refinement of older ones to add beauty. Refining old sinks are so popular these days, and it helps to increase beauty and value of your home.

The following are some of the sink options to choose from during bathroom remodeling:

  • Wall mounted sink

This type of sink is directly installed on the wall without sitting on a countertop. It’s streamlined and makes the bathroom to seem larger since it doesn’t occupy large space. It’s excellent for a small bathroom.

Advantages: It saves on space since it has no cabinets under it and this helps in making the room to appear larger.

Disadvantages: This kind of sink type doesn’t cater for storage space. You will have to consider the need for storage before choosing this type of sink.

  • Vessel Sink

Vessel sink is the one that is fixed on top of a countertop. There are other models of vessel sinks which are made to sit slightly under the counter.

Advantages: Vessel sinks are large bowls and they hold a lot of water, which creates a lot of attention in your bathroom.

Disadvantages: The vessel sinks sit high above the counter and this can be so uncomfortable when using it. The storage space under the counter might not be sufficient enough and it also makes cleaning to be a little bit difficult.

  • Top-mount sink

This is the most common sinks in bathrooms. It is fixed on top of the counter.

The whole sink is not visible, as most of it drops in below the counter while the rim is visible above.

Advantages: They are suitable for any countertop material. You can also be able to fix them on a countertop made of stone with so much ease.

Disadvantages: It’s not easy to wipe the water that spills on the counter directly to the sink

  • Under-mount sink

This option is installed below the counter. It doesn’t sit on top as the rim of the sink is fixed to the lower side of the counter.

Advantages: It has a clean look and it’s so easy to wipe water that spills on the countertop to the sink.

Disadvantages: You would only need a hard surface countertop for you to install an under mount sink in your bathroom.

Your bathroom will look attractive and give you the statement you want to make if you choose the right sink to install.  That’s why we recommend High Tech Pacific Builders, a company that can offer you a variety of bathroom remodeling services to choose from.  Visit  to learn more.


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